YoThrowBling needs a logo!


Howdy everyone! Some of you may already know that I have named my company YoThrowBling, YTB for short. Although not really a company I needed something for people to be able to go to outside of the YYE forums. I have formal plans for YTB down the road a bit but for now I need some help.

There have been a few times when I have been asked to be a sponsor in effects or contests. I always try to help out as much as possible but I always feel like I could be representing YTB better when it comes to advertising. Long story short I need a logo.

I have a few ideas but would like some aid in developing it. Nothing outrageous but just something nice and representative of YTB. The logo would be used for the above mentioned as well as upcoming items like packaging, stickers etc.

I’m up for input of course and for those who would be interested in making my ideas come to life there will be compensation.

Please reply in this thread with ideas if you’d like or PM’s work as well.

Thank you and looking forward to it!



I will do what I can to help.


I can try and help! School just ended for me, so I’ll have some spare time to help out now :slight_smile:

Have any ideas about it? Like what kind of vibe it’ll give, if the actual acronym will be on it, will there me a design that’ll because you’re logo, etc.?


I was just gunna PM him and suggest you haha.

He’s great- He made the Crocostrings logo (my profile pic).


For me I would like to see the YoThrowBling incorporated into the logo some how. I have a chain molecule graphic also. Can be any variant of the graphic but I would like to see it colorful. As for the rest of the field or background it is really up in the air.



can you tell me what YoThrowBling is? something about what you do…




YTB is just what I named my “company” so to speak. It was named so people had something to refer to when dealing with me instead of mullicabob from YYE. YTB covers my powder coating, blasting, polishing and occasional nickel plating that I have been doing over the years. Soon it will be including in house made yoyos as well.

I like to consider myself a specialist in the area of rehabilitation and custom looks for yoyos. Have a beater then send it my way for a new life type of thing. Surface prep for ano or one off custom work done in powder coating are the house specialties.



I know your business involves a wide range of customization services (powder coating, polishing, and blasting) so I combined a color wheel and the atomic structure of the hydrogen molecule to symbolize the many possible colors and textures you can apply to one’s yoyo. The hydrogen molecule fits because it forms compounds with virtually every element and is found in the coats and other materials you use.

As for the Morse code found in the larger logo, it’s just an idea. When I look at companies, I get a feel for what they’re all about. For example, CLYW has the hipster crowd locked down and One Drop is clean and modern. I’m not entirely sure what your process is but when I think of blasting I imagine you wearing a gas mask and googles and working in a sterile environment so that no dust particles get trapped under the finish. Therefore I feel you could go for a “science/modern” theme and mess with things such as diagrams and unique forms of communication.

Hope this helps!


I have to say I am intrigued by this^. I agree with the theme very much and I think with some fine tuning it will fit very nicely.


Some things to think about:
How does it look in 16 by 16 pixels? When you put it on little things, like a website favicon, it needs to remain recognizable.
How does it look B&W? Is it recognizable because of the shape, or colors?
Can it be vectorized? Vector images are like cartoons that are made with math instead of pixels. This means you can make them big. Like, billboard big.

Since YTB is such a small business, these don’t matter much. But they’re still something to think about.