Yoyo tattoo suggestions

Hey all! Going up to my buddies to get some ink today, and I want a yoyo themed tat! It’s going to be a small piece, so something legible auto a small size would be best. I was thinking something like 1- handed star or green triangle. What do you think would look good?


What was your first yo-yo?

First Base, at least that I’d be willing to admit :neutral_face:

The onedrop picture logo?

I don’t own any ODs…

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Clyw pickaxes? Or the yeti fist?

Do you not like it?

I have a First Base, Skyva, Sherpa and Jackknife.

I love it, best first throw IMO.

How big wouls the tattoo be?Two hands forming a triangle would look great idk

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3x3ish. It’s a piece my buddy is giving me for helping him set his new shop up. I don’t want to ask for something huge and take advantage.

Do you think that would be legible at a smaller size?

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I dont know:(

What about a yoyo itself?Maybe in the string you can write a word…like your name idk

Seems to me that you may be rushing it. Personally I have a one year wait on designs. It will be a permanent addition to my body. I design a tattoo I think I will want, wait a year. Check it out again, if I’m still loving the design, I get er done. More times than not I decide against getting it.


I did that with my first 3, and I have known I want this for awhile, just wondering what would look clean. In the end, it all depends on what my bud says will work well.


Doc Pop logo is literally classic tattoo style. The yoyo with wings.


It is pretty neat.


There’s also that sick severed hand/screaming yoyo design.


I like, but maybe with skeletal wings? I’m not an angel wings kind of guy.


If I wasn’t on mobile I would have posted it, but this is the yoyo emblem to tattoo. Or that monster fist thing too.