Yoyo Company Logo Designs


just talk about what designs are your favorites.

I love the cross CLYW design a lot, I think it’s pretty swangin. String theory is also pretty tight!


I’ve always loved the the logos that general to uses for their yoyos. Hatrick and model ten specifically. The bada thing they use is also nice.


I like String Theory’s and Oxygene.


i actually really like the YYE logo :stuck_out_tongue:

(YoYoStringLab) #5

I like the ones where they have the word YoYo hidden in their graphic. :wink:


wonder who that could be :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #7

I never noticed that in your logo lol…clever


3yo3 has a cool one


Slithering Hippo’s is pretty cool, as is Square Wheels when one takes the time to look at it.


I’m a huge fan of the old One Drop logo. I don’t think the new one is as nice looking, but it’s still a very nice logo.

The Duncan logo is really snazzy looking. It’s incredibly simple, but there’s just something about it.



I agree. It is everywhere too, sufficiently simple, as a logo should be, yet extremely recognizeable. Perfect!

(Owen) #13

Square Wheels has a pretty cool one :wink:


I love the CLYW logo with the antlers coming out of the yoyo/return top/whatever they call it. That one’s great. :smiley:


Yup! CLYW, onedrop, duncan, and YYF, too!


The old OneDrop logo was world-class.


It’s pretty tough to beat the full (not just logotype) YoyoFactory logo. CLYW Pickaxes are cool. OneDrop is top notch.


hehe I love when companies do that :smiley: like the dot for the i in Tostitos chips logo is just a tostitos chip, or between the E and the X in FedEx makes an arrow lolol. There are a lot of companies that do this. Its cool. Yupp


Im sorry to double post, I forgot to talk about my favorite logos. I like clyw cabin logo a lot. Probably gunna get it tattooed on me at some point. Simply because it reminds me of two things i love, throwing and the outdoors. OneDrop’s lil junk is legit too.

That is all


The new One Drop logo is pretty darn spiffy. I also like the CLYW pick axe logo.