Yoyo tattoos

I have wanted a tattoo since I turned 18 I was curious if there is anyone who has any out there I know Miguel correa has one but is there anyone else with a yoyo themed tat

I don’t know about tons, but the One Drop forums have multiple threads regarding One Drop tattoos at least:


I’ve seen old school CLYW tats, the one with the antlers logo and also Pekka’s tat.

Steve brown has a couple, zammy has the mobius logo on his forarm. I bet a lot exist just have to find them.

I’ve got a tattoo of a No Jive on my shoulder. Need to get it fixed up.

Doc Pop has a great winged yoyo tattoo.
Steve Brown has several.
Sonny Patrick (Anti-Yo) has at least one.
Zammy has that moebius one.
Pekka’s Peak might be the best I’ve seen though.

Would try to post pics but too unwieldy on my phone.

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I found this thread a few weeks ago…it’s not that old.


I’ve got this.


lmybs has a CLYW throw tat.

Link to his avatar:


John Huber has “YoYo Life” on his knuckles.

I plan on eventually getting a tattoo of the outline of a very old Duncan tournament yoyo that my grandfather used when he was a younger man.

I believe One Drop is running a promotional campaign where if you get a One Drop logo tattoo you can get a free One Drop yoyo.

Yep, I’d totally get a OD tattoo for a free throw.

Anyone have any info on this?

Tattoos cost more than yoyos do though…

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Most shops will have a $50-100 minimum charge for tattoos that take less than an hour. The simple little One Drop logo will almost certainly fall in that range, as long as it’s not huge.

I’d do it, for sure. I could definitely use a Summit. :smiley: