Doctor B: 66.9g

One throw, one combo, one Cascade. Music by DVS NME (

YO THAT WAS ILLL!!! I love slacks! I just put up a new video with slacks in it too you should check it out how many tats you got? I have 6 now, I lovvvee getting neww inkkk!

Thanks for the kind words, RED! I’ve currently got 4 tattoos…but my biggest is a tattoo of a OneDrop Project 2 in a coat-of-arms style image.

No problem buddy! I was thinking about getting the clyw peak logo on my wrist. hahahaa but id have to ask chris for a free throw for advertisement. trolololol

RED: One Drop does this…I have the new OD logo tattooed just below the ditch and got a Nickel Code 2 for my suffering!

Get a yo-yo tatttoo, just make it meaningful!

Heck yeah ima PM chris!