Onedrop Tattoo :)

Some new ink, Onedrop4lyfe


Nice man! Hope you get paid for advertising :slight_smile:

That is a very nice, subtle tat. Cool idea by the way…

I absolutely love it!


If paid you mean your choice of any Onedrop throw for free then yes! I wanted one anyway before I knew that but thats a pretty cool bonus

Wait, you get a free throw for getting a One Drop tattoo? I should get one if I wasn’t so young. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, I love One Drop. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice and that should be cool but just curious why your wrist? Wouldn’t you get tired of seeing that all day?

Nah I really dig it. If it were something like a monster tattoo or a nike swoosh I would hate it but no one will really know what it is but me and other throwers, Its like how I skateboard and if I want to try to find another skater I look at his shoes and see if he has the marks on them from skating. So I will be easier to be picked out by another thrower and Im representing my favorite brand, the one that really got me into this whole thing. I have other tattoos as well so its not really that odd for me haha

Need to retake your profile pic in that exact position lol.

I plan to get the 1st logo on the other wrist soon, If you notice I also but them high enough to be covered by either a long sleeve shirt or wrist watch if I had to cover them for any reason :slight_smile:

Ill prob do a new profile pic soon anyway, this one is getting dirty and need to be put out to wash. Dude I watch your youtube vids and your real fun to watch throw. upload more man I love it. I love that ventribulation or however you spell it lol

Haha, thanks. Means a lot. I’m currently sick but when I’m feeling better and the weather’s right I’ll do it for sure!

The great thing about that tat is that it’s just a good design. So even if One Drop changes their logo or you find yourself throwing their stuff less (ha ha) some day in the future, the tattoo itself shoud still hold up simply as a nice-looking design.

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yup yup
They’ve been doing that promotion for some time now, I remember hearing about it a few months back. I know a guy who can do tattoos for pretty cheap, so I’m definitely considering it.

I wonder if clyw would do that

Truth! I plan to get the old logo on the other wrist as well. I do like the design its a pretty cool configuration. And if the up and vanish one day well, Ill always remember the good times and more than likely still own my one drops since side effects may be the most genius invention since a bearing lol

You can think markmont for that :wink:

Thanks, Markmont, wherever you are!