Brainstorming a Ti-Vayder logo

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I think we can all agree on that.

I am merely trying to encourage people to avoid using the term stealing because of the legal implications that word carries, when in fact there are no legal protections being violated in this case.

A lot of folks are so enraged by design knock-offs–and not just in the yoyo community–that they use trigger words imbued with legal weight in order to induce as much shame into the dialogue as they can. I’m sure that feels like a worthy tactic to those who are enraged, but I just find it distasteful and unnecessarily inflammatory.


Agreed. I hate to gunk up this thread, but I thought a few things should be cleared up (such as respecting original yoyo designs) before we continued. Since this is the 2nd time this happened to Heath, it seems clear to me that people don’t properly understand.

I do think it is design stealing though. How else can you word it without acknowledging that the design was blatantly copied without permission of the original designer? You may think im making it unnecessarily inflammatory, but I think you are unnecessarily trivializing it. Why should you be able to steal someone elses design just because there are no clear legal ramifications?

That said, im definitely excited for this and can’t wait to see it come to fruition!

Some on topic points I agree with:
-Hand/glove like the one just recently posted by @iamkeeler
-Floating yoyo
-Red string, or perhaps just a red lightsaber looking font for “Ti-Vayder” if it is to be featured in the logo

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I did.


Specifically. Quote me and state why you think I was illogical. Otherwise your accusation is groundless.

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@TeeJay @eternalmetal Guys… We’re beating a dead horse here…

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“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

I really don’t want to further hijack this topic with a philosophical debate, especially since the original designer has joined the project, depleting this tangent of all relevance. Can we just move on, please?


From personal experience, I know that moving on from a debate is easier said than done :sweat_smile::joy:

As we can see here

I haven’t really joined in because I know this is a lot more touchy and closer to personal morals and fundamental beliefs than “flat bearings suck” so what I would say won’t change anything about what people think, for most their minds are already dead set on issues like these. So no point in rambling about my thoughts :man_shrugging: Same with politics and religion

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Lol :joy:

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Don’t you mean feeding a fed horse?

Anyone get that reference?


Quote by Picasso taken out of context. Also slightly offensive given the context.


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In the spirit moving on.

Challenge is to get it to really look like it’s floating but

  • changed the angle
  • added some color to give more depth
  • added a red string
  • other stuff
  • also the thumb is wonky and I’ll need to change it

Again these are just quick 15ish minute sketch’s to get some ideas out there.

(Victorian YoYos) #73

We should have him hopping it up with the string around his finger like we see people do for their yo-yos. But there should be an indication that he’s using the force


Lmao y’all are going hard!!

This reminds me of my art & law class in college.

Take a look at this:

It’s called fair use.
An artist, Richard Prince was re-appropriating Marlboro ads, making MILLIONS selling blown-up cropped Marlboro ads in a fine art context. Marlboro took him to court and he ended up winning due to “fair use” :rofl:

Not that art has to do with yoyos (or does it?) but I’m just bringing this up for conversations sake! Since music sampling was compared to this, I figured it wasn’t too out of left field.

The second something popular comes out, despite it having a trademark, copyright, patent - there has always been a competitive nature within capitalism to “steal” or “copy” - there would be no Pepsi without Coca Cola!!

Edit: I’m late to the party but I’m keeping my 2cents here anyways :upside_down_face:

(Gary Keeler) #75

Even quicker rougher sketch to block things out more like @Marm said.

Also the yoyo would need to change to look like a ti vayder (or DRunner as ref since that’s what I have)


I think this style is the winner

(Victorian YoYos) #77

I like that. Maybe have his hand open some more

(ClockMonsterLA) #78

I think it looks more dramatic and imposing if the hand is posed with a claw-like, open “death grip”. That last one the hand looks a little too relaxed.

(Gary Keeler) #79

the two finger force choke :wink:

(Mark) #80

Great work on all of the sketches @iamkeeler! Maybe it would be good to create a poll once we have a bunch and vote?

I’m already thinking ahead to the box - how cool would it be with burned edges from a lightsaber lazer sword?


Couldn’t resist that force choke idea