Brainstorming a Ti-Vayder logo

(Gary Keeler) #102

Can do,

To make it more sticker friendly is keeping the littler “spirts” of force energy from getting to far away from the hand so that when it gets die cut it has material around it.

I’ll pm you the results.

(Victorian YoYos) #103

Happy cake day!

(Jacob Waugh) #104

How do you always think to say these jokes before everyone else? lol


always trying to make someone laugh.


Closing this up, thank you so much everyone for your contributions, we’re very happy with what we ended up with, courtesy of @iamkeeler

As thanks, he’s getting a new release yo-yo from my private stock (already mailed), and a Ti-Vayder of his color choice once they’re manufactured!

Onward and upward :rocket:

(Justin ) #107

That logo is sooo nice, some pretty good compensation as well :wink:


Wow you’re not even going to consider my crappy Photoshop?


It’s not bad! A little dark!

(Thomas Bellotti) #110

Good choice. Heath is this acceptable?

(Thomas Bellotti) #111


@iamkeeler Getting payed pretty well for your art dude. Super cool. You should be proud of that, as well as the work itself. Nicely done

(Gary Keeler) #112

@TeeJay Thanks :slight_smile: Just fun to be a part of a cool project and Yup Heath has been a part of the iteration and decision.


Idk man. I do play me some smash. Lol


Logo looks cool, nice job @iamkeeler!

(Thomas Bellotti) #115

Oh I was just being petty, because apparently Heath has to approve everything to give permission for it to go forward.

But don’t worry, last he said, he’s 95% sure he’s gonna allow Jeff to drop the non-profit yoyo that Jeff has selflessly sunk tons of time and money into.

What a guy!

(Gary Keeler) #116

Fair and to be clear, it was Jeff’s decision, heath just gave feedback and an opinion but it was Jeff making the call.


Font should look more like this, but otherwise this looks great!


@codinghorror has already decided on a design and font.

As I’ve said several times elsewhere, this is Jeff’s ship. I just designed it.

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