Boingy Boing (Need help)

Worth saying twice.:wink::+1:


i gotten 3 from pure luck, i saw it go forward and backward really good. By the time i did it… it was nighttime.

I was going for broke, but now im examining it closely. I’m back to square one now… it’s such a weird trick to do. But i wont be using XT for boingy, silenus time!

Like that boingy boing orgins video! I’m shure he created it because just look at the way he did it! LOL

I did it more far today, i used the momentum from the mount this time.

Then… the hardest part, IT’S A UP/DOWN MOTION!!! after the mount momentum.

Guess what?? it went: FORWARD~BACKWARD~FORWARD but in a boingy type way

Today is the day it clicked!! on the XT lol… i do it better now, so i only get 1 boing?? FORWARD/BACKWARD = 1?? it went forward/backward/forward but i saw it boing like adams video…

!! :slight_smile:



Ok so today i got the adam boings, here is what helped.

Keep in mind… i can only do: FORWARD/BACKWARD/FORWARD/BACKWARD/FORWARD But its in a boingy and far nice looking now.

  • Stay as RELAXED/LOOSE as you can… don’t act all stiff and stress all the rules about strings dead center, hand placement this and that. JUST FEEL IT… this worked right away when i just looked straight ahead and forget the rules LOL (feel it!)

  • Having momentum from the mount helped… the first boing for me matters (cuz i suck at it) after you get a boing from the mount… the REST IS A UP/DOWN MOTION!!! I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH… I JUST KEPT REPEATING IN MY DAMN MIND IT’S A UP/DOWN MOTION AFTER YOU GET THE FIRST STRONG BOING STARTED!!

  • Know that you been doing the trick and pretend it’s already in you’re muscle memory really good. You done it somany times.

  • Energizing/Relaxing music so you don’t get pissed off at the yoyo.

Thanks… !! :smiley: Done on butterfly XT (i can’t do it all the time sadly… still got to wait hours but it looks WAAY better now)



Thats 4 boings?? does the boing from the mount count??

I made the string loose where it connects to the bearing at the end by putting the loop over a box overnight, made the yoyo a little unresponsive and slept longer.

I do my boings like adam when i do get it after couple mins (or hours)
my arms hurt like hell… i cant bend them up or down.

Rest time :slight_smile:

Thanks again yoyo EXPERTS!


I did 7 really wide ones, forward/backward = 1 So i did it 7 times. Butterfly XT with string modifier.

I loosened up the string where it connects to the bearing (had it over a box overnight) and it made it unresponsive LOL

So am I cheating or what?? Offcourse i cant do it all the time when i want to, might have to wait 20 mins or 30

No more hours now :slight_smile:


It’s not cheating unless you did the trick without using the yoyo. Good job on learning the trick!

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Don’t know if waiting 10-20 mins or 30 untill i do it is learning it, i want to be able to do it when i want to. Anytime.

Can you do it when you wan’t it??

I done 8, string hack & fat kitty string. When the string gets a little thinner, i cant do it EVER… i have to change the string everyday.

And i think the sun also does something to the strings, it makes the boing harder if the string been in the hot sun.

Or strings have nothing to do with boing?? just the person??

I’ve never even tried boingy boing because I do not like the way it looks. Kitty fat string in your XT will kill your spin.

It’s incredible how far we’ve came in 23 years.

REALLY?? Boingy Boing was what made me make a account here.

LOL Well everybody has there own taste. It was either angel hair (internet said its the best string out there) or kitty string. The fat string probably helped me land this better.

I loosen the string where it connects to the bearing really loose all the time i try boingy boing. Almost going up to the loop fingers.

The string that came with the XT is still holding, but i stopped using it, its really thin now. IMPOSSIBLE to do boingy with it (well for me it is, maybe someone here can do it on worn strings)

Strings matter too i guess.

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Whatever works for you. The thicker the string the more it fills up the space in the gap which slows down the spin.

I’m just about done trying boingy boing on the butterfly XT. I done it many times, even got 8 bounces (forward/backward is 1 bounce) which is my highest using the string hack. It was wide and looked like adams.

These past 3 days have been hell, yoyo popping out, yoyo going up and hitting my knuckles. Not only that be it REALLY feels like i forgot how to do it. I wasn’t ment to do it on the XT.

I never tried a new generation yoyo because… they look huge lol but least its unresponsive so it will never go up and hit my knuckles. No more mental block.

You went from no boings to 8 in a few weeks. 8 boings on a narrow responsive is outstanding! An unresponsive yoyo is not magic. It may make it easier but it’s not like it will allow you to do an unlimited number of boings from one throw. You have made huge progress. All yoyoers have horrible trick days where some tricks just turn out like poop. It just happens. Don’t let it get you down or blame it on the yoyo. Just think of your successes.


Yes but i did something with the string, had the loop where it connects to the bearing over a box (kitty string box) overnight. Made it less responsive and longer sleep.

Also i think butterflys are wide… im not used to these new generation ones. I know i cant do it on a imperial.

I fixed the problem… i was going too fast. I also fixed it by:

  • Don’t care how fast i do it, or homany i do. JUST CARE ABOUT THAT YOU CAN DO IT… WHO CARES HOW FAST OR HOMANY YOU CAN DO LOL

  • Looking straight ahead again instead of at the yoyo/strings/hands and just feel it again. (HUGE HELP!)

  • Letting muscles heal for once (It was hard to rest… but only way to get it back, REST!!! lol)

Also when i do the trick, i dont have it up where my chest or tummy is, its more low between my legs.

I can’t do it up there… ever. DOES IT COUNT?? :frowning:

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The yoyo is now going diagonal after 2 boing. The problem just started today and no matter what i do, it does that.

My hand is still going up & down.

I think you should work on the throw first, because I don’t think a 10 second sleeper is long enough for even brain twister.

i been using the echo 2… it was weird everything was fine untill today.

Got the echo 2 because i thought the silenus got lost.

Can you go too fast where the yoyo would go diagonal??

This really bites!

What does “going diagonal” mean? If the yoyo is not staying straight it’s you that is making it not stay straight. You switched from a narrow responsive yoyo to a heavier, wider unresponsive yoyo. There is a learning curve and adjustment period. Only practice will clean things up.

i was doing it fine on the echo 2. It was straight… all of a sudden it just goes left or right after 2 boings.

I think im going to fast, i do this trick for hours. Lost it now…

I heard you said you sometimes go blank after learning a trick right?? maybe that just happened to me.

Too much enjoyment.