Boing E Boing

Yoyo always comes out of the whatever its called and its starting to annoy the crap out of me…I can’t even get the rhythm down and it makes me want to punch a unicorn

slow down, hold everything straight, both hands and the yoyo, all in a straight line. its tempting to stick your head to side and watch it, but its harder to holder everything straight that way. go slow like one boing at a right, or do under-cuts with your non throw hand repeatedly and slowly speed it up.

Sometimes it helps to tilt the strings toward you a bit, as well, when you’re figuring it out. I never really sweated this one, just would try it every so often and after many failures POOF there it was.

Ya I. Know how you feel same thing happens to me

Keeping everything lined up is key. Same thing with Seasick. I can’t even explain that part of it other than to say “practice” which sucks… with seasick I was all, “I can’t even…! WHY U ALWAYS POP OUT???” and then one day I just wasn’t popping out anymore. I’m sure Boing-e-boing was similar.

I mean, you DO need to consciously readjust, but what I mean is that as you readjust and have more consistency, you’ll automatically recognize what’s working better and it’ll just filter its way into the trick.

Some one post a video with all these tips.

Just keep practicing it over and over. Like the other guys said, it’s just something that starts clicking.

I still don’t have boing-e-boing down perfectly, it’s a constant stream of adjustment. Maybe one day…haha!

This trick has always stymied me. I’m definitely guilty of moving my head to the side to see better, so that probably contributes to my problems. But, more often, when I do get it going, my index finger of my non-throwing hand, while holding the string at the bottom, gets super string burned. Is that a callous I just need to develop? ???

Well, I am just ok as a yo-yoer and I can tell you that I have been working at Boing-e-boing for years and it stills falls out, but, I will just keep trying. After all it took me about 6 months to learn the split-Bottom mount and now I land it all the time.

Just watched this trick and the double suicide. even though the flick of the wrist does not seem that hard, how come the yo-yo spins for so long?

If I was to buy a yo-yo for my grandson, a 10 year old boy beginner. What would you guys recommend? I have ONLY known the Duncan brand from my childhood.


I don’t get much string motion at all on that bottom finger. Never enough to generate a burn. Ditto for the top. Just not a string-burny trick for me, and I feel like I’m susceptible to string burn!


YoYoJam classic is a great beginner and intermediate yoyo and its 10 dollars.

I bought Duncan Proyo’s for 2 of my granddaughters (7&8) and the 8 yr old is starting to learn. That being said, if your grandson is progressing both the YYJ Classic and the YYF One are great.

Anyone having trouble with boing boing this is huge. And people never mention it, it is so small people probley don’t even realize it is the issue, but it makes all the difference. I had a lot of trouble myself untill I figured this out!
Ok. So when you are getting your up and down rythem started with your top hand. It is super important that you arnt just doing the motion mainly with your pointer finger the string is warped around. You need to keep that same exact motion going on with your middle string finger. The best bit of advice I can give is that you keep your middle and pointer finger flush together, pretend like they are tied together. That way you are applying the same exact pressure and motion to both fingers, keeping everything perfectly in sync. This might sound to simple, but this is what made all the difference in the world for me.
You could even try going into the split bottom mount on your middle string finger instead of your pointer finger, that way you are forced to keep the same rythem for both strings.
Hope I helped someone in need ;D

Also- make sure your bottom finger and your top fingers are perfectly parallel, it is very tempting to tilt your bottom finger, but when you tilt it it throws the strings out of line.

And another more obvious tip- Before you even start the trick you need to make sure your front and back strings are perfectly inline. You should barely be able to see your front string through your back string, that is how inline they need to be for proper execution.

^^ Is there an opportunity to NOT have the two fingers move at the same rate? Don’t most people just move the whole hand?

Agreed - in moving my finger up and down my hand just moves along with it naturally. I really think the main issue is with string alignment. When we learn the trick from video tutorials, we’re used to seeing the whole string setup. When we actually get down to practising, we often don’t realise that being able to see the whole of our own string setup implies that the strings are in fact not perfectly parallel. This leads to the annoying popping out situation. Sadly, we won’t be able to see all the action if we’re doing the trick correctly…kinda like how magic isn’t intriguing anymore when you’re the performer who’s in on the secret.

Absolutely, keeping your pointer and middler finger separated or one higher than the other, even by the most minuscule amount caused different tension between the front and back strings, throws the rhythm of the trick completely off.
Proof of concept, pick up your throw and try doing the trick with your fingers separated “like a peace sign” and then try it with your fingers flush together and see the difference. If you have the trick down good you might not realize the difference, but of you don’t you will defiantly see what I’m talking about,

Ah, right. I think what Greg and I are trying to say though, is that most people would naturally practice with their fingers flush against each other.

Your point is definitely valid though, and probably groundbreaking for anyone who didn’t naturally take to having their fingers flush with each other!

Ah, I get it. Yeah, I never once even considered having them spread like a peace sign. Definitely going to work better by having them flush or at least “connected” to one-another (I think My forefinger is more forward for part of it, but the middle finger is still touching it).

I gave up on this trick