Bickering over grammar - and PUNCTUATION

yup, pretty much spot on. To plastic whip, I just realized your signature has a grammar error, it should be “you’re” instead of “your.” I found that ironic

Heh, oops…

Well you did say “try”.

You’re is the contraction form of ‘you are,’ therefore, if you were to change it to you’re you would get this:

‘Please try you are best’ makes no sense whatsoever.

Your is correct. Your is the possessive of you. Whose best should you try to achieve? Your best.

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I think it’s in everyone’s interest to be as grammatically correct as possible. Sure, there will be typos and misspellings and all, but I think people should at least make the effort.

Uhhh Why am I quoted in this?

Because it was split from a topic you posted in and were quoted by Mr. jrspike.

Their doing it all wrong!

Must… not… correct… grammar…

Run that by me one more time?

Then where, we’re, wear, ware, are also all the same. Same with too, two, to. And bye, by, buy. Don’t forget hare and hair.

That is their house over there.
They’re going to be there tomorrow.

I say start a punctuation thread.

Yay, someone else who appreciates proper grammar usage!

Intriguing idea…

Fixed. :wink:

My love for jhb#### keeps growing and growing…

Mine too.

Example of Punctuation

I’m going to eat John.
I’m going to eat, John.

Punctuation, it saves lives.

Bwahaha, priceless.

I’ll leave this here as some supplementary reading.

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