dont mean to scold but....


PLEASE USE PUNCTUATION! people that type like this and dont bother to even put a period drive me nuts you dont know where the sentence ends im sure im not the only one maybe im just a crazy person

don’t tell me that didnt drive you crazy. im just saying, please bother to put a period. i bet you guys think im acting like your mom or your english teacher or something, but please put a period. im not asking for perfect grammer or an apostrophe in all words. im not asking for grammer class, im just asking to know where the darn sentence ends -_____________- .

thanks for reading (or not)!


While we’re at it, a few capital letters and apostrophes wouldn’t go astray either. I understand that there are a lot of members for whom English is not their first language but for the love of god, people born and raised in English speaking locales should know better.




Love it! XD



Actually, “people born and raised in English speaking locales”, particularly the U.S. are the worst offenders of this type. Seems that middle school and high school have a tendency to erase these concepts from the brain during this period of a person’s development. After that, the ability to ignore the spell checker in their favorite browser is greatly enhanced.


I submit that texting is what breaks punctuation, not HS.


facebook and texting has been the destruction of the language.

Or should I say, "englesh ftw lol yolo’

(I don’t text like that though)


you better believe it.


I would disagree. Some of it is just plain unintelligible in any format - text style or not.

A lot of people are either too lazy or too ignorant to care about such things. It becomes quite evident in that age category. Some grow out of it. Others never do and fail to realize as life goes on that most others have caught on to the accepted norms and are getting the good breaks.


lol ya ur rite lol yolo lmao lololol haha


even while texting i at least bother to put a period. i will admit to using lol though.

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wat da heck gaiz, u aint ma mom, u cant tell me wat to do.


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I blame it entirely on those people in England and Canada that keep messing up perfectally good American English with extra letters and strange pronunciations.


Whenever I see threads like this one I always feel the need to weigh in. I would like to make a couple of brief points.

When these topics come up I always feel pretty much innocent of all charges. That may sound a bit arrogant although I don’t mean for it to sound that way. The reason I do not feel too much guilt is because I endeavor to be certain everything is as correct as I am able to make it be before I post. (Just like now when I had to look up the word “endeavor”.) So my first point is this; to those of us who are able, perhaps we just need to slow down and try a little harder to make certain everything looks right before we hit “post”.

My second thought is one I have eluded to before. Whenever these kinds of matters come up my mind immediately gravitates to one poster in particular who seems to struggle in this area, perhaps your mind does as well. Here’s where I believe we must proceed with much caution, concern and tolerance. If an individual is truly doing their best, if the use of proper punctuation and grammar have for one reason or another eluded their grasp, we must approach such a person with understanding and compassion. At that point we simply do our best to work through their posts and come to the greatest comprehension we are able of what they are intending to communicate. If any individual feels singled out and regarded as simpleminded by the rest of us, we are failing to accomplish a foundational objective of the forums by sidelining someone who otherwise is an engaging and pleasurable contributor here at YYE. If at any time I feel this individual, or anyone else for that matter, comes to believe they are being singled out as falling short of a level of articulation that measures up to an arbitrary standard to continue to join in to our conversations I will be very vigilant in their defense.


The Brits language was first. I think that the US developed it’s language when it realized that there where a crap-ton of immigrants and realized that the British English is much more difficult for a foreigner to learn.

Canada is out of the question; they’re French.

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Don’t forget the eh! :wink:


At least one should endeavor to include a verb and subject in the proper order. Makes it much easier to decipher. EHHHH :wink:


) )
(- -)
( (’)(’)