Use proper capitalization and punctuation please!

I notice a lot of people doing this, they write “I” like “i”. This symply makes it hard to read.
And some people don’t use commas and periods, please do so.
And some people don’t use capital letter even though they do use punctuation.
And some people don’t use apostrophes.
And some people don’t use spaces after commas. (Thanks Samad for making me always do that now)

Please do all of this.
I know I use to do this, I looked back at some of my first posts, I was tempted to edit all of them!
I decided to step up and use all of this, and my post were getting much easier to read.
And now I try to use less and less shortenings, do this also.

Here are some examples:

i just made a yoyo vid i hope u like it

Hard to read, huh?


I just made a yoyo video, I hope you like it!

Aaaah, much better!

And the commas help a lot! It sounds like you are one of those people who talk fast at the end of commercials, you never pause.


here is what i know it removes string tension adjustment needs and it took me 6 hours to finally get it proper i used 2 strings but it works dont know about with metals though might get scratched basically measure enough to put on your finger trie that to one end of the swivel then measure up the rest of the string or a new one tie it up to the other end of the swivel and use
(No offence to yoyobum who wrote this.)

That didn’t make a bit of sense to me, Rsmod123 and a few other people.

Now, let me fix that:

Here is what I know, it removes string tension adjustment needs, and it took me 6 hours to finally get it proper. I used 2 strings but it works, dont know about metals though, might get scratched. Basically measure enough to put on your finger, tie that to one end of the swivel then measure up the rest of the string or a new one tie it up to the other end of the swivel and use.

That makes a lot more sense.

You can bassicly see where I’m going with this. I just want all people to make easy-to-read posts so YoYoExpert is even better!

If you have an excuse to not use correct english, I don’t want to hear it. If you want to keep making careless errors to tipe faster then let it be, but remember, you are still breaking a forum rule.


Okay, I guess I’ll have to start pressing shift more often :-[ Haha, I barely ever press “I” instead of “i”… Gotta form that habit! 8)

Well, I guess there would be need for punctuation in long paragraphs. But, in small sentences such as:

i just got a new yoyo

I think that capitalization is not a must. People are just trying to say something. If it is understandable, I think we can let them get away with it. ;D

Just pointing this out, but it is a part of forum rules:

hahaha. no. no, thank you.

i’m 32. i have ten years of elementary school teaching experience. i’ve contributed to some modest degree on most of the forums for awhile now. i think i do a pretty solid job of making myself understood. maybe it’s the e.e. cummings influence, but i don’t have a great deal of use for capitalization, and i don’t feel it negatively impacts my ability to convey my perspective. ironically, when i write longhand, it’s generally all caps. if this becomes a sticking point, and i need to be banned for it, i’ll accept that.

beyond that potential consequence, however, please don’t try to tell me how to express myself.

edit: and by the way, i am not in any way offended by your apparent inability to spell “capitalization”.

i no use capitilazation speeling or grammerd. i no like 2 used its. ;D ;D ;D

I do not use the rules of spelling, capitalization, or any other grammar rule. I do not like to use it, I say.

FIXED, as Samad would say.

Haha, you rhymed. ;D

This is a must read for every one of the new members.

I don’t get why that’s a Samad thing…

Were you saying it is 100% neccesary or saying that I shouldn’t have posted this due to it being on the forum rules?
Just wondering.

I was saying that it is necessary.

Ok, thanks. :smiley:

I realy have too work on this. tee hee! ;D

Practice, you will get it eventually, I have started typing faster while doing this “automaticly”, like it’s a must-do. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that you spelled capitalization wrong on the title, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha. That’s why I didn’t put spelling on the original post, and I will not put it on now. As some people don’t speak english naturally, but a different language.
Anyways, fixed.

Spelling is easier then grammar for those with English as their secondary or third language, FYI. Also why not PM a mod and ask them to reinforce the rules or add to the sticky If you are a mod, then disregard this, but its very offtopic and could have went in a sticky we have all read.


^Hard to read, haha. Seriously though, it’s actually part of the forum rules here. When you’re playing a forum game, it’s not a big deal. When you are contributing and helping others, following these rules helps. Especially considering you are 32, maybe keep our posts on this site as mature and informative as possible. We are all here for the same reason, so why not make it easy for everyone to understand what you are trying to say.

Really needed this post. A lot of people seem to just write on. One should think through both the post and the spelling/grammar. Especially when posting in a forum. The chat room is something else.

Addment: I am Norwegian so I have a good excuse for bad grammar.