Just to put this out there......


Well, rant. Here I go…

Lately on these forums I have been seeing a lot more of short low quality posts from people incapable of using spell check. It seems people will just go and posts things like “Ya thanks!” which we have a Thank you button for, or something like “ya” which is really not necessary to post. I think people are just trying to get more posts under there belt. I know that recently I have been subconsciously posting very short low quality posts. I am not blaming everyone but some people like Studio42 post very long in depth post. I am not saying nobody else does but he does always. Also speaking of long I have also noticed people posting very long post but making them low quality on the inside. This not so much but a little. Just FYI I had to use spell check to figure out incapable, necessary, and subconsciously.

On the other hand…

  On the other hand I would like to point out that people have been posting very good helpful posts. My number one thing that I got helped on was probably not to believe all the hype always. That is why people say this over and over but, This is THE BEST community that there is! There are very helpful posts and people, and the people are also very patient and understanding. It is also a very good community in that it consists of many trustworthy people. We had the secret santa, buy, sell, and can trade without worrying to much about them rotten scammers (dirty monkeys)  >:( . And these great, amazing people are even better in person at contests! They teach tricks, trade, welcome newcomers, and encourage each other! 

I have just been wanting to post this for a while.

Once again, thank you dearly fellow yoyoists. ;D


I found this ironic.


I would have to agree. Terrible grammar drives me insane. Also that text talk junk, like substituting numbers for letters and not using your freaking spellchecker that is BUILT INTO YOUR COMPUTER! I especially hate it when people message me about trades in the following manner:
“Ava 4 UR Sass?” or “neer mint cali 4 ur punchlin?” That stuff will make me blow a gasket with the quickness. Didn’t anyone pay attention in sixth grade english?


Dude, in the title YOU spelled just wrong…


I laughed.


I agree too, I don’t even understand what “Ava 4 UR Sass?” means lol(never really traded before)


. He means “would you like to trade my avalanche in exchange for your Sasquatch?”


I think as far as spelling and grammar go, if you can’t decipher the post there’s a problem with the post. If you’re not willing to try and just get frustrated then there’s a problem with you…
As far as posting nonsensical crap to get their post count up, let them have their fun. There’s no post based merit system or anything like that so it shouldn’t bother you. I try to listen to everybody wether they have 2 posts or 4000 posts.

Now. this part may be hard to believe but some of the members here may not have even finished 6th grade to whoever posted that comment. Keep that in mind and have a little compassion when dealing with ANYBODY over the internet as you don’t know their situation at all and could end up looking like a real donkey in the end.


Yeah, forget that there are alot of really young kids on here. But i think that it’s easy to tell the difference between someone who is unlearned and someone who just plain doesn’t care.
I’m usually polite, patient and helpful with anybody as far as that goes, but bad grammar is just a pet peeve for me personally.


I’m noticing that in general, language skills used online and in personal email is at a low that hasn’t bottomed out yet. I’ll be forgiving in regards to txting as long as I can understand it.

My thoughts are “these poor displays of communication wouldn’t pass in school. Why can’t proper communication skills be used online?” I find it terribly distraction to go through posts with bad punctuation, pathetic spelling and no capitalizing.

I try to make what I say easy to follow. I may be verbose but I am also thorough. I also do tech writing for part of my income. I’m not paid by the word or the character, I’m paid for doing the job properly, completely and thoroughly the first time in a way that people can follow.

I would just prefer it if people want help and they choose to make the effort to ask for help, they put at least a proper minimum amount of effort into the venture. My concept is “help us to help you.”


The internet came with some acronyms and abbreviations for a reason. Just try to interpret what they say to show some kind of sincerity.

As for short posts, sometimes a short post can sum everything up. Sure Studio42 always puts those in depth long posts, but he does it to give his insight on what he thinks. He also uses the posts to compare it to other issues he had to give the OP an idea of what to think. It’s just his style. Don’t hate on those who give short posts. You may think they’re low quality, but to the respondent, they took their time to even reply to a post (that’s not insulting).


Honestly, I try to refrain from ‘txt tlk’ even on my phone. Phones these days have full QWERTY keypads, may as well put it to use, right? Even on my old 9-key phone, I would make my best efforts to type out full sentences when texting someone. Typing out full sentences is something that needs to be encouraged, as well as proper spelling to the best of your abilities…especially when areas of education (especially around here) are the pits. If kids are going to learn proper grammar and spelling, may as well learn it here while they’re learning yoyo tricks.

Another site that I visit is highly strict on the whole grammar policy and ‘posting for posting’s sake’ (as in saying ‘I dunno’ in a thread or 1-liners like ‘thanks!’ just to increase post count). They also encourage people to use the built-in spell checker before they submit. However, they aren’t going to go mad if it’s a legit typo. Another thing heavily stressed is punctuation. There is nothing worse than reading a long post that’s entirely a single sentence…Imagine a Studio42-length/in-depth post in either all lower case or all caps with no punctuation whatsoever. It’s going to be quite confusing to decipher what’s going on.

As said, this is a great place to practice your grammar, spelling, and punctuation that you’re learning in school. Refrain from the shortcuts (LOL, ROFL, stuff like that to me seems reasonable but using ‘u, b, c, r’ instead of ‘you, be, see, are’ is a fail.)

</end rant>


there is a difference between short and poor, and lingual and concise… and for the record, i must be THE worst speller here… i rely on muscle memory to type words correctly… I also think the worst offenders of poor post quality is in the reviews section… people that say " this yoyo is good, i like it" have it all wrong… it should say " this yoyo is good because of (list reasons and explain each), it could be better because of (list reasons and explain each)" as much as i hate to say it, a good review should be like an essay… and please, no " out of 10" rating systems… just the good, the bad, and the ugly


Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. One of my hobbies is writing, so grammar is important to me, however it isn’t like our teachers are watching us. Post however you want. As long as you can read it don’t complain.


I’m with the OP on that one, English is not my native language but I think I can spell it correctly because I do the effort.
If someone can’t even do the effort to spell his own native language right, how could he do the effort of learning how to throw? I mean both are matters of self discipline.

(Q) #16

In depth does not equal informative. I can talk and talk and talk, but doing so doesn’t make it a quality post. A lot of my posts (from when I frequented) were short and sweet. There is usually no need to BS around with novels to answer a simple question


whoa… been a while since ive seen Q! ;D


That is why I said sometimes short is better than a bunch of crap that means nothing.


Yes, but half of the time they are just, “Ya OK”, or if somebody is asking for a recommendation in a thread people don’t explain themselves. So if someone posts, "I like small but fairly heavy throws should I get a _____ or a ________. Then people will just say one word, the one they think is good. People need to explain why it is good maybe post the specs, and say there opinion on it.


I think all of this issue can be summed up in one lesson I learned early on in 3rd Grade: It’s quality, not quantity. So basically, what this and everyone else on the forum is saying is that if someone takes the time to write a long, quality, and informative post, then that’s great! However, if someone writes a short post (granted they’re still using correct grammar and spelling) and it gives the person who posted the original post what they were asking for, then that’s fine too.

For example, a while ago I posted a thread that was asking for yoyo suggestions. Knowing other member’s detestation of these threads and why they hated them, I posted exactly what my preferences were for shape, weight, diameter, and width. So I knew that if someone’s post had simply been the name of a yoyo, that would be fine. This is because I know that if someone posted this yoyo on my thread, it theoretically met my preferences, and therefore they didn’t need to tell me about it or why I would like it.