The Studio42 challenge!

I decided most of my posts arent really helpful or relevant enough. So, im challenging myself (and others i guess) to post at least 5 relevant informed posts with at least 3 paragraphs or equivalent information a day.

I think ive been here long enough to be more helpful, not as helpful as Studio42, but at least 1/4 the way there :slight_smile:

Wish me luck!

No thanks



What the heck, your posts are more helpful then mine…

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Being concise and correct is usually considered more important than making a lengthy, multi-paragraph post. This isn’t an assignment to write a 500 word dissertation on a subject.


3 paragraphs seem reasonable to be.

Excuse me friend but this post is to concise, when compared to your stated standard of excellence. Please rephrase using at least 3 paragraphs :-*

Thanks ::slight_smile:

(sorry superbreh1234, I just couldn’t help myself)

I must say though, the idea of improving the quality of one’s posting has merit. It’s something we all should consider often.

Well said, jhb. Concision and clarity in the presentation of arguments-- both verbal and written-- is undoubtedly one of the most honorable yet elusive of goals. While some of our members may have neither the ability to write long paragraphs (perhaps hampered by lack of touch typing skills or perhaps owing to improper training in the construction and execution of written language) nor the willingness to do so (undoubtedly feeling that lengthy diatribes simply aren’t the expected or “done” thing), some of us are of a different breed. We have both the desire and the ability to write such lengthy tomes. But as you say, that doesn’t mean we should exercise those options.

Take me, for instance. On occasion I have been known to write a lengthy reply to a topic. I have been asked what my touch-typing speeds are. I have been asked what my day job is (and it has been suggested that I not abandon those labours which I undertake in exchange for the salary that is the main livelihood of my family as well as the wellspring for most of my turning apparatus purchases). It is as though during the exceedingly rare time that I write more than five words at a time, I am demonstrating that I am some sort of linguistics freak; worse yet, I have had leveled at me the charge of being one who expels mighty gusts of high-temperature gaseous substances composed primarily of CO combined with a few other molecular constructs. When this happens, I am most commonly taken aback, although there is a small part of me that somewhat expects such criticisms to show their malformed faces at periodic intervals.

And why do I feel slighted upon these occasions?

Because I value above all else concision and correctness. :slight_smile:

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Quality over quantity. The reason studio42 so often makes lengthy posts is because he is very well informed and has plenty of expertise to share. If you read through the posts, the information and sentence structure is generally concise. In other words, studio is both in depth and concise, which is what we should strive for, rather than aiming for 3 paragraph posts.


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Thats why i said:

Relevant and informed posts with at least 3 paragraphs. I really just want to be more helpful to the yoyo community.

*supbreh1234, as in “Wassup bro”

(sorry skirtz, i jsut couldnt help myself)

Lol just kidding (but seriously), and id give youa thank you of i wasnt on an app :).

In all seriousness, I do know enough to write quite a bit on pretty much any topic related to yoyos, but I just don’t feel the need to. (So basically, it’s because I’m a lazy bum)

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Be careful with this or you’ll get a lot of tl;dr.

Here’s the challenge:

If you want to help, do so because it gives you enjoyment. Don’t do it from a sense of commitment or obligation. When you do help, make sure you try to provide as much help as you can.

My desire to help comes from within. I like helping others. I also like to be complete and thorough. I don’t like to waste people’s time either. I prefer to provide them the information up front so they can then start digesting the information and dealing with it step by step at their own pace on their own terms.

The challenge should always be in writing well written posts. When helping, we should provide the best help we can. When you do something, it should come from within, it should never be forced.

Yes, I am well aware that I can be verbose. I realize I’ve also developed quite a reputation for apparently being unable to write a short response. It also seems that I am unable to express myself simply. However, like many other things, language is a tool as well as an art form. I have to choose my words carefully in order to make the best effort I can to make sure that I am effectively conveying the message I am trying to communicate in a way that retains the exact message, spirit and emotion that I am trying to express. A text-based medium is very flat and non-dynamic. A lot of the message can be lost because inflection and other audible cues are absent. In order to ensure proper communication, it requires that I choose my words carefully. This also requires posts that go perhaps longer than most people would care to read at times. That’s just a chance I have to take.

So, again, don’t try to help unless it’s coming from within. Don’t worry about length. Just worry about the content. Do the best you can. Sometimes the fact that you took time out to try to help someone out is appreciated.

Don’t challenge yourself to be like me. Be yourself. Just be the best you that you can be.

The desire to get people to be welcome in the yoyo communty burns in me! :smiley:

I like potatoes. And Studio does generally get some crap from peeps who apparently never learned patience or to read a good book. It’s the kids these days. I want it, and I want it this pico-second. It get’s on my nerves, to be brutally honest.

You generally get Quantity when making quality. People just don’t realize that. And I take my leave…into SPACE!!!

Here is my 3 paragraph.

Bbbjkmkk. And blah blue blue blo bl s

So forth and so forth-----

(Sorry WASSUP BROski!!!, I couldn’t help myself… ::))

No really, you can make a 3 sentence post that can be more quality than studio42’s 3 paragraph one (sorry studio :’() it’s just what you say, not how much you say. I only make long post if the thread needs a post that covers a long post, like a How to Clean my Bearing thing…