Who has the most posts on YYE?


So I have noticed that a few people on the forums have THOUSANDS of posts, and I want to know who has the MOST posts. If you think that you might have the most posts of everybody, PLEASE post in this thread. Preferably, mention what number post it is for you, if you post here.


i think studio42


He does, all of the stats are here guys… http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=stats


Easy to get posts (like this one for ex.), but a bit harder to get a thank you.



I am going to have the most! Soon…


Studio42 is an avid poster, I don’t think anyone will catch up to him.


It should be the most quality posts. Therefore I think the true bragging rights should go to Jbh.


How is the bronie thread so high up in the stats, I mean really… ???


Worry not. After Worlds I’ll be gone and someone else can beat my stats!

(Don’t PM me about it, don’t ask me about it. I’ve just decided to leave. End of that discussion.)


Didnt you decide to leave a while back but came back? ::slight_smile:


Can we buy your yoyos? ::slight_smile:


Then it should still be Studio.

All the more impressive is the fact that he posts several paragraphs at a time ;D


You know you just ruined the whole thing, right?

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I have the fifth highest post count on the forum, but the second highest out of active members. Once Studio’s gone, I’ll be the top out of all active members, even though I only have half the amount of his posts hahahaha


Curse youuuuuu! Because having a lot of posts always makes you awesome. That’s why I post so much.


Are you related to Bcmaddog?

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No… no it doesn’t. aha

I’ve just been a member for four years, so 1000 posts a year = 4000 posts.

It doesn’t matter and if you start thinking like that you develop a superiority complex and then everyone hates you. haha


But… I really am superior…


OMG, you made my day xD