10,000 posts.

So, here it is, post 10,000. Exactly.

What a momentus occasion. It signifies that I have far exceeded wasting more people’s time on this forum than anyone else. For that, well, nevermind.

May 11, 2011. This is when I started on this path of yoyo and bought a Duncan Reflex and Imperial and started. A week later, I needed to look at upgrading and found YoYoExpert.

May 26, 2011 marks my joining of YYE. My first order, a DM2, 100 strings and thick and thin YYJ lube, was May 25, 2011.

Within 6 months, I became a ForumXpert.

In 10 months, I was running sound at CalStates 2012, which was also my first yoyo contest. I met many amazing players.

May, 2012, a year after joining YYE, I was running sound at BAC. That day I met Andre and met many more amazing players.

The past 2 years have had a lot of ups and downs, which have nothing to do with yoyo. Lots of bad stuff, some good stuff. Having this toy around has been a great method of dealing with issues, or rather not dealing with issues, or managing issues… well, whatever, it’s been there.

I’ve been honored, flattered and humbled. I mean, being able to be named in the same thank you list as people like Mark McBride, Andre, JD, Paul Escolar and more. This was my reminder:

Me, a nobody in the yoyo world, and yet somehow I am mentioned in the same thank you list with the likes of legends. Wow.

I recently came back across this the past couple of days, as I was thinking, “gee, what am I gonna write for my post #10K…”, that kinda summed it up for me.

I’m a horrible player. I’ve had enjoyment with it and I’ve cursed it. I’ve embraced it and I’ve rejected it. I come at it, and other times I quit from it. I never know what it will be from one day to the next.

I would like to take a few minutes to lay out some thanks, whether or not the people feel it’s due them or not, and in no particular order:

theroybit, who has become a close personal friend, through this whole yoyo thing, and is probably why I push forward with it.

Chris Allen, AKA Dr. YoYo, for giving me the chance to do what I do best, in front of a new group of people who have accepted me. By this, I mean doing sound for CalStates as a service to the yoyo community.

Andre Boulay, of course. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this site and that first order, this journey would have ended a LONG time ago. Not only that, but the “vote of confidence” of being name a ForumXpert.

JD Steel: Having met JD via pushing to do sound for BAC, and yes, granted, he runs a competing shop, I enjoy the working relationship and the new challenges he throws at me. Some of those challenges you’ll see in 2014!

YoYoDoc: Thanks for kicking me in the rear here and there when needed.

Tony Alonso, who runs another competing store, who kept me going at a time when I was just gonna say “you know, I think I’m done”. It was merely coincidental timing though.

To the people of YYE who I converse with via PM’s or Facebook, include yourself in this list as well, such as iyoyo58 and a few others.

I leave you with some words that I live by, that I discovered on my own, but may have been said by many others:
You never know when inspiration will find you. You may not know what form it may come in either. However, when it finds you or you find it, you owe it to yourself to take it as far as it will let you go, because you may not get another chance. Life is a short thing, in the greater scope of things. We are only here for a very finite period of time. Of that time, we should try to do things that we enjoy and make is happy.

This applies towards anything you need it to apply to. It’s especially true when it comes to creative and expressive things. It is not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night and try to write some music, save ideas, write an essay, re-design a network, re-wire a rack, take photos of stuff, make stupid animation videos or even pick up a yoyo and play.

Stay happy. And sleep with a glowing yoyo by your bed with a fresh string on it so you can throw in the dark and not disturb others.


Are you… Leaving?

Sorry, but this made me laugh out loud. :smiley:
Thanks, Chris, for always giving me something to read during my number twos.

And this made ME laugh out loud hahaha

Awesome having you on the forums, Studio!

I just got my posts per day up to 1 post per day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to 10,000 at your current rate? Over 27 years ;).

Well then, congrats to you, Mr. Studio 42.

And i’m sure not ALL of those posts were wastes of time… ::slight_smile:

Great 1000th post Studio. I think we all appreciate you “wasting” our time! :slight_smile:

You are always very helpful and fun to (cyber) be around. I don’t think that you give yourself enough credit! Happy 10000! I wonder how many years its going to be until another post like this pops up lol.

GregP’s next. I give him a year :smiley:

Congrats studio. You’re great one of the most helpful people on the forums. Honestly I find it an accomplishment to post in a looking for help thread before you do. Thanks for the help you have given me personally and I think everyone else would like to thank you themselves.

Hahaha me too. I joined in like 2010 but rarely posted.

Congrats studio!

I joined earlier this year and have been posting at least 5 posts a day for the past 2-3 weeks to get it up there.

I hope not!


Can you even do kwijibo yet? Have’t you not yoyo’d in months? Why are you still here?

I am going to be taking a brief break around New Years as I have a large scale event to plan for. SacAnime. My other gigs are small and don’t need excessive pre-production in comparison. The weekend after New Years is one of my multi-day events where I end up going “radio silent”.

I can do kwijibo. I’m actually not that bad at it.

I’ve not done as much yoyo’ing lately. I did just run a meet earlier today. Small group. Played for about 3 hours. Used my Rally, Shutter, DM2, Format:C, Eighty-Six 400 but mostly a sOMEThING JetSet EC.

Why am I still here? Good question. I ask myself that daily.

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Well hey as long as you’re throwing. Last i read you hadn’t yoyo’d in months but kept buying them which was weird, so glad to see the bug bit you again. Feel free to stay then. :wink: