2012 - In review, by Studio42(Final blog-type post of the year)

2012 – Studio42’s year in review

I guess this will be my new birthday tradition. Today I’m 41. I’m going to a yoyo meet later today. And no, I don’t celebrate my birthday, and outside of this, the odds are I’m not going to acknowledge it. I’ll ask you pass over that fact as well. Thank you.

Note: please be aware this is the SHORT version.(yeah, right, like you’re gonna believe that!)

Last year I did the anti-Andre satirical rant. It was taken well, nobody was offended, especially Andre.

So, 2012. How did it go? Believe it or not, it was actually pretty bad. There’s a dark side that I don’t talk about. I’m not going to hit on everything though. If we keep it on the yoyo stuff, it was pretty good. Well, it was pretty good unless you were my bank account!

So, let’s roll into it.

My years start strong, or at least they have for a while. Early in January, I get a cash boost from a recurring show I do, SacAnime. I get a few recordings out of the thing, and I’m going to start digging into my archives to start posting stuff up on YouTube.

As I’ve stated before, the yoyo and my preferred choice of employment, live sound reinforcement, has worked well together. Yoyo has re-spaked my aggression towards getting gigs. Case and point, I’ve met Chris Allen and also got the CalStates gig. This was great, it was in my own backyard, so to speak. I live a mere 12 miles from that location. It was the first contest I’ve not only SEEN or attended, but also ran sound at. I met many amazing people and saw some amazing things. Then was BAC, which I aggressively went after, but they also aggressively went after me. I met more amazing people and have made some amazing contacts. But, all good things come to an end, but I don’t see this as a permanent end. I aggressively went after getting to do sound at Nationals, but I was shut down due to the event organizers having a long-standing relationship with another sound company.

I’m not done going after Nationals. But, I’ll need YOUR help. I don’t want to step on toes, but I know I can do a better job. I can make it cleaner, more clarity, better monitors and if needed, LOUDER(by several magnitudes if need be). As someone who does sound and throws, I get how things work. So, send some words their way, but be kind about it.

For sound, my recurring customers have taken care of me as best they could. SacAnime hits me in winder to start my year, and then again in August/September time range, so it’s another good cash boost. I did get screwed on a few gigs. The good thing about these screw-jobs is that it was the artist, NOT the promoter. A change. Still not good, but at least it’s different. That was a major hit. The money wasn’t great, but I’m trying to provide world class services to small promoters, allowing them to be able to do amazing things. It’s not a big deal to me. I’ve done the whole A-list thing. I’ve seen the world, at least I’ve seen it through various concert venues. It’s not the best way to see the world, but hey, I ain’t complaining.

I’ve met a lot of amazing people. I think I said that already. Andre, JD, Elephark, Jayyo, Mark Montgomery, Michael Montgomery, Zammy, Stu Branoff, Tyler Severence, Augie Fash, Guy Wright, Ben Conde, Bryan Figueroa, Joseph Harris, Ann Connolly and so many others But don’t think it’s just the “big name” players who I need to name drop. I’ve been equally impressed with Peder Fash, Will Hahn, Cory Feldon and others at the YoLex crew in Roseville. I’ve even met forum members.

As I’ve mentioned I the past, the yoyo has been rather key to helping to management my problems with depression. The differences between the stratospheric highs from doing events to the deep plunging lows of the crashes afterwards are very difficult. I LIVE to do events. I’ve had a rough year in 2012, which started in 2011, but my issues go further back. To cap some of the bigger things, my father literally dropped dead January 1, 2003, which set off a lot of stuff that threw my depression into unfortunately a high gear. I was married in June of 2002, which was a high point. But, the death of a family member is usually a traumatic thing. A lot of extra stuff went with that death as well, and unfortunately also resulted in the collapse of my side of the family, and I’ll leave things at that as far as that whole chain of events. We’re not talking anything unusual here, this happens more frequently than most people would know. In 2011, we mix yoyo with tragedy. In November 2011, I had been throwing around 6 months. I was notified while I was on my Vacation in Disneyland that I had in fact been named as a ForumXpert. I made a purchase selection of a Phenom, my first $100+ yoyo I paid for that wasn’t via BST, as sort of a self-reward for my new position within the community. However, that same day, my father in law committed suicide by walking into freeway traffic. This purchase was done in the morning before I knew about what happened, which I found out about an hour later. By the time I recovered from the shock of this news, the yoyo had arrived. This death ended a lot never-ending chain of non-productive activities going on my wife’s side of the family, which unfortunately also tore that family apart, leaving the family business in a state of new ruin. Being an outsider, I was a convenient scapegoat to lay blame on for all the stuff they didn’t want to take responsibility for. After most of the siblings on my wife’s side split and left their mother floundering, my wife and myself have done tremendous efforts to turn that business situation around, which is working. Too bad I had to give up my productive main business due to that family, but we won’t go there, and that happened back in 2006. With the family business on my wife’s side nearing stability, the stress levels have dropped tremendously.

So, we’re back to yoyos again. I throw daily at my kid’s school while I wait for the teachers to bring in the kids. They line up in their classes before school and wait for the teachers to come and get them. So, instead of just standing around, I’m throwing and working on whatever tricks I’m working on. Hey, let’s be productive.

February in 2012 had me branching out a bit. It was rainy and I was bored and needed a change. In August 2011, I placed a bit order at YYE that included off-strings, loopers and other stuff. The idea was to have readily available when I needed it, rather than need/want something and then have to wait for it. I needed a change, so I chose 4A, but I chose an Aquarius I got off BST for my first adventures in off-string play. All that’s important was my plan worked, I was ready, I had the gear, and I was able to throw, catch and bind that day. A week later, I needed to do something different, so 5A was chosen. While I’m still not doing much with either, I can do a few things with each style, so I’m happy. I started messing with 2A here and there too, thanks to a pair of Unleashed I purchased.

In August 2012, YoLex had Joseph Harris come up for a 2A course, of which I gladly paid my money and got the help I needed to get over my hurdles in 2A. $10: bargain!

I’ve also stepped up my involvement within the community. I’ve tried but not very well, in organizing my own meets. My time just keeps getting taken away. I’ve also tried to branch out a bit too. Kendama is hot so I’ve gotten into that a little. I got a diabolo at BAC. I have a set of inexpensive juggling balls. I even have spin tops. Stuff I want to do, stuff I’m interested in. Always good to have goals and objectives, as well as the resources to make it happen. Well, in this case, the resources to ensure the items needed are available for when the time comes.

I’ve sort of found a niche. Many of you have observed I’ve spent a lot. Well, I haven’t spent more than I can afford. I work hard, I play hard. Guys my age seem to go through a midlife crisis. Usually that involves spending money on fast cars, motorcycles or other things and/or behaviors that are not appropriate to discuss here. Well, never one to follow the trend, it appears that yoyo has become my midlife crisis. It appears I can’t do anything right! Well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I also like nice things. Nice things cost. However, a lot of kids like nice things too, and kids can’t necessary afford these nice things. With the meets I do go to, kids can finally try and play CLYW’s, One Drops and many more high-dollar throws. While I spend the money because I want the stuff, there’s no point in being selfish with the stuff. Letting others try and play them it’s a great way to help parents and kids come together and help to avoid making bad purchases or make informed purchases. While I can respect the decisions of others who don’t want others throwing their big ticket throws, my attitude is different. I wonder how common Peaks are. I have two. Now people around me can throw a Peak. This is just an example. I don’t mind sharing. I don’t mind spending as long as I can afford it. Nobody has any expectations from me, so if have something new, then great.

Many of you have also noticed the unboxing animations. Seems I can’t even do the unboxing video thigh right either. Yoyo has re-ignited my creativity, but I don’t want to be ON video or IN video, and most of my other avenues of expression have been systematically removed for a variety of reasons. I got into yoyo since I can’t do sound full time because I can’t set up my gear on my own because it’s too big and heavy. I don’t want to dwell on this, because most of the reasons are merely logistics issues(read: no space to set the stuff up). I can only write so much on the forums, so I need something else. What you may not know is that this whole thing came about by accident. A photo essay in quick preview looked almost animated, and hence the CLYW video was born. I’ve done 3 more videos since then, including Donkey Show, the “How Much Is That Dingo In the Window” and the latest A7 Ice video. You seem to like them. With 2 more planned, after that, it might be quite some time before another video is made. It’s hard work. However, for the time I have to spend on the scripting, pre-production, production and post production, despite the work and hassle, it’s a very enjoyable use of time and in many ways is very satisfying. It also keeps my mind off the bad stuff.

2012 does end strong. The family business is heading in a good direction. Money situations are getting better. Internal turmoil is at a low. The only bad part is that this is the time of year that a lot of the crap goes thick and heavy, and my depression tends to get worse. This year is no better. While it appears the bad stuff won’t be happening, it’s hard to detach from a lifetime where this time of year is a not happy time. At least this year, there doesn’t appear to be any of the extra garbage going on this time, so that’s good.

2013 has some changes. Spending on yoyos might be down. Maybe not. I have to focus on live sound again. I need to get my web site updated. I’m going to be working Worlds in Orlando while tying that into a larger vacation.

I do have concerns. I wonder if my time here is limited. I wonder if my interest will maintain. I worry about this actually. I’m enjoying this a lot. In my life though, things tend to come to an abrupt end. I am hoping this won’t be one of those things.

Feel free to stay in contact with me via Facebook. I do intend to maintain my presence here. As I said, things are still going good on the yoyo stuff. If I vanish for a few days, don’t sweat it. If I vanish for a week, I wouldn’t be concerned. If I am gone for a month, that wouldn’t be good.

Now, I have to prepare for Christmas. I have to prepare for New Years. I have to prepare for my SacAnime gig on the first weekend in 2013.

I look forward to another year with this activity. Sound good?

Sounds good…Happy Birthday and thanks four good words…john

Please, no more “happy birthdays”.

It really doesn’t help me.

I know everyone means well. Sorry.

I always enjoy reading your posts, including this one. However, it is a bit depressing.

You don’t even want to know what I left out. That “bummer” section lets you in a bit too much, but also lets you know where I’m at.

Looking forward to a great 2013 with everyone in community! Things can be tough. Just remember you’ve go many friends here on YYE the value your presence.


Thanks for all your helpful posts over the last two years! You’ve helped alot of people along the way.

Thanks for all your posts! Just keep looking up for 2013.