Another Studio42 post of epic lameness, August 7, 2012 Edition

Hello, is this thing on? Is anyone reading? I have to wonder, since someone here thinks I’m lame and has provided proof of those words.

This goes back starting July 27th, day 1 of 2 in a row back to back events. I open up my email to have a nasty email in there informing me that I’m going to be named as a co-defendant in some sort of lawsuit and threatening my “Studio42”. Interesting how this comes from some YouTube user going by the name “MassBoxing”, which has posted up portions of copyrighted boxing matches, and I’m assuming that permissions have not been properly or legally obtained. This message also told me my account had been disabled, which wasn’t true, but I will admit that my YouTube channel wasn’t functional since I didn’t have a video uploaded, so I did, and hence I’ve countered the antics of this rather obnoxious YouTube user.

The next day something even nastier was sent to my YouTube account, again by MassBoxing, whom I’ve only heard of the before the day before I’ve never even heard of, telling me to stay off their threads.

It seems this individual for some reason is attempting to lash me with a leather strap and then try to beat me down. Well, unfortunately, this tactic won’t work to secure the situation since apparently the clasp doesn’t want to stay closed.

You want to bully me? Bring it. Using a boxing identity won’t make me back off. But, bullies beware: I know far more than you want me to know. And now so does someone else who you don’t want to know this stuff either.

Anyhow, enough of the drama.

Shows went well. There were some glitches, so I’m looking into computer upgrades and a new pair of solid state hard drives to try to keep data throughput at a maximum with overhead at a minimum. Got to get in some throwing during breaks.

YoYo progress: Kwijibo has really come together. Time to move onto another trick.

I was unable to attend Worlds, for a variety of reasons: money and scheduling. I’m already planning for next year. I was on standby for tech support just in case, and to lend moral and emotional support to keep things rolling and flowing. Worlds apparently went smoothly, although the live feed was horrible. I actually was unable to enjoy it. Coupled with my internet being typically bad, well, it was just a mess. On top of that, I’ve been having some sort of stomach problems since Thursday, so I was unfortunately doing my Olympic Event: sprinting to the toilet. Oh wait, perhaps too much information. I’m still not over it 5 days later. It could be the stomach flu, it could be food poisoning, as the symptoms are the same and so are the treatments. Throwing has been minimized as I just don’t feel up to it. I didn’t show up to my yoyo meet, which nobody else showed up to either, so good, nobody had their time wasted.

My wife has been sending me out front to play with the yoyo, mostly to watch the kids. This was earlier last week when I was feeling better. She’s starting to use her DM2 more and more.

My boy is now doing double or nothing. He’s not really following the YYE trick list, he’s forging his own path. My biggest issue is that he’s trying to do it with his DM2, but it’s just too big, so he’s mostly been using my M1 and Campfire since those are a lot smaller and easier for him to land double or nothing with. I suppose he could use his T6, but he likes my stuff better.

Not much else to report.

I would like to take just a little bit of time to comment on the movement at Worlds to move Worlds. Regardless of what happens, at the current Worlds was not the proper time and place to discuss the movement of Worlds. I will say that I do feel Worlds needs to be moving around the world, but without some actual World governing body that actually has universal support, this is just foolish. In the meantime, if this push to move Worlds is to work, you’ve got 3 years to get your crap together. That’s more than enough time to make it happen. The world of yoyo is just far too disorganized in the larger scheme of things and it is not a smart idea to start the path that people are trying to take. But you know what, it’s not my call and not my decision. After all, who am I? I’m just some 40 year old having his midlife crisis with a child’s toy. I’m a nobody in the world of yoyo. I’m NEVER going to compete and I’m only in this for fun.

Oh, on the bad news side of things:
I’ve been rejected for doing sound for Nationals. Why? Well, it’s really quite simple and logical and none of you are going to argue this point. The guys who run Nationals have been doing so for 25 years, and during those 25 years they’ve been going with the same DJ company for all those 25 years. I was riding a high getting CalStates and then BAC, so I was hoping to fuel that fire with getting Nationals. There’s hope, assuming things don’t work out, I’m next in line. I would like to say out of respect for those event organizers: don’t go lobbying for me. They’ve made their decision, let’s respect that decision and let’s look forward a smooth running even in October. I will introduce myself to the event operators, buy some throws from them and leave a good impression with them and we’ll see how it goes. If anything, I just want to keep on good terms with them. I’m kinda bummed about being rejected. Those of you who work in entertainment know about rejection. It’s how things go. At the same time, I’ll just be enjoying the event less, if I can go, and I can just go and buy more stuff and make more contacts. If I go(very likely), we can meet, hang out, throw stuff and whatnot. I’d have more fun doing sound, but I’m still going to have a good time no matter what!

I’m hoping I feel better soon because I’m sick of feeling sick. I gotta reverse gears and work on boingy-boing, rewind and boomerang. I feel I have the skill set now to get it done. I also gotta take a kid to pre-school and I have to stick around for a bit just in case the kid can’t handle it, so I throw while I wait. I think the other parents thing I’m an idiot.

Got new throws going to be heading my way soon! I thing I’ve closed a deal on a SuperStar, but I think I’m gonna wait until Nationals to get any other YYF’s, as their B-grades are amazing.

So, keep up the throwing!

why spend time and energy about something or someone you don’t like? You know who you are, your friends and family know who you are. If someone judges you without even meeting you, it’s obvious that he’s wrong and stupid, why care and give him importance?

Besides, don’t take this kind of thing in “public” if you really got a beef with someone, either sort it out or just do as I do, ignore the trolls, don’t feed them.

my 2cts

Glad to hear things are somewhat going well for you. Hope you get better from your stomach pains. Glad worlds went well for you. Tell coty I said hi if you get the chance.

Eat lots of yoghurt. For me, yoghurt is like this magic substance that jsut fixes anything that’s wrong with my stomach. Anyone who is lactose intolerant should stay away from the yoghurt.

Yogurt is wonderful for stomach inflammation. Studio, it’s likely you have some bowel inflammation if you’re still not feeling well. Get some Greek yogurt and eat it up :wink:

Your 2 cents is valued at a dollar!

My little portion pertaining to the bully is sufficient to resolve the issue. If not, there’s already things in the works to deal with it. I can say that I will most likely be “talking with my wallet” on this one.

I didn’t go to Worlds. I was across the country but on telephone support. However, shout outs are being logged and will be passed along as I am in frequent contact with the folks at YYC, who I consider to be friends of mine. So, consider it taken care of!

A note about yogurt and tummy troubles:
I seem to get this kind of thing a lot. Just once in a while it lasts for days. The good part is I am not doing audio on the road full time anymore, as this sort of thing and touring and the extremely long and non-stop work hours would be murder on me! I did have some yogurt, but it’s not helping. It’s passing. I’ve already got an appointment with a doctor because I know there’s something else going on. However, it’s also very likely tied to not enough sleep. Since I can only work late anymore apparently, I do what I can when I can. But the kids waking up early and then going directly into combative screaming certainly isn’t a good way to wake up.

A few more days of late nights are ahead. After that, it should calm down a lot.

i always read your stuff :’(
i find it very entertaining, like reading a mini auto biography!

This made me laugh, I think it’s hilarious in the best way possible. Keep doin’ your thang maybe you’ll impress someone once you progress a little further!


Yogurt didn’t help. On the plus side, it came out as smooth as it went in. Fortunately, this was one of those “can’t hurt to try” things.

I ain’t quitting any time soon. I do still mess up a lot, but I keep trying. It’s a fantastic way to set an example to a child: anything worth doing is worth doing well and it requires practice! However, I may find I have to carry a small number of responsive yoyos with me. We’ll see how it goes. Pre-school is Tuesday and Thursday.

I might have to do this “OK guys, you pick my throw before I go” thing or something like that!

Have you heard from the guys running DXL/BLC? I imagine they’d have a similar situation as Nats; some of those guys probably roll with DJs or are themselves. Would be cool, though, if you had a payed gig to come down south!

DXL is an 8 hour drive from where I live, but in my truck, it might be 9-10 hours and that’s an uncomfortable drive. I’m planning to replace the seat soon, that will help.

My plans next year include trying to get on the SoCal events. This year’s plans was to get hooked into the NorCal events, which went pretty well, except for Nationals. But it’s hard to compete with 25 years of partnership. CalStates and BAC went really well, they went smooth and I understand how the events operate and how to run them properly. Now that I understand what it takes, I’m going to go after SoCal events. My family and myself like to go to Disneyland since we are annual pass holders, so we can easily schedule vacation stuff around these. So, I’m going to start contacting the SoCal folks after my shows in August and then see what I can secure.

I’m not a DJ though. I’m a sound production company. I specialize in bands, A-list artists, concerts an corporate events. Still, doing a yoyo events are pretty fun and easy and I actually have more fun doing sound at yoyo events than just hanging out and watching.

I was scheduled to go to Disneyland this weekend actually, but that got cancelled due to finances(client late to pay, still hasn’t arrived). This was to coincide intentionally with DXL. So, this means my next trip will happen in November, which would have happened regardless if the August trip happened. Regular readers here are free to contact me here or on my Facebook page to see what my schedule is if they want to schedule a meet-up.

Here’s how we plan our trip:
Day 1: LONG drive
Day 2: Trash day. Wake up late, rest, do other stuff.
Days 3-5: rock the parks
Day 6: Drive home.

So, Day 2 is typically a Saturday, and I’d actually like to attend a meet or club in the area on that day. Depending on scheduling I can organize part of my vacation around it. What’s nice is my wife is cool with this yoyo stuff so she supports this insanity.