Studio42 as the ADHD Caveman Responds to clarify

Me gone 2 months. Me do lots work. Spend money on spinning toys and new underpants.

Me think lot. Brain hurt. Me scratch butt. No help brain hurt.

With break, me change. Me back now.

Ohh. Look. Penny

For all of you who apparently didn’t get the previous message, I sincerely hope this provides the clarity you need. STOP trying to buy my collection!

First: Why was I gone?
For those not paying attention or jumping in late, I just needed to prioritize some other stuff, namely some video editing projects. I also needed to prepare for some shows, one of which you may have heard of, CalStates. The truth is my work was the issue that kept me away, NOTHING else. There may have been some coincidental things, but my decision had already been made.

Second: Why did it take 2 months:
Because that’s what it took.

Third: I haven’t quit. I have been working on getting better. I’ve also been active in my own Sacramento Skill Toys group on Facebook:
I’ve been working hard to unite kendama and yoyo players, which hasn’t been difficult. I’m also trying to get other skill toy players out and OUTSIDE and MEETING WITH PEOPLE. I’ve also been tying this into working with local skill toy merchants. However, I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing this for the community. It just needs a force to drive it, and apparently I’ve got the force to drive it.

I was talking up yoyos and tops and kendama with Andre at CalStates. No way I’m quitting. I’m having too much fun. Regardless of the curve, I’m going to be sticking with this.

Heck, I just did sound for CalStates. I’m doing sound for BAC 2013. I’ve already secured CalStates for 2014, soI’m after getting BAC for 2014, and I’m still gunning for being the sound company for Nationals. I’m also going to be working Worlds 2013.

Been working on 4A whip, just started landing Magic Drop today for 1A. 5A isn’t going too well, nor is 2A, but you know, you just gotta keep at it, right? Of course you do! That’s how you get better!

Fourth: Oh yeah I’m still buying. My stash has increased quite a bit. So many standout items, so many great things. HH3, ReXtreme, Destiny, red DM2(got 4 DM2’s now), Rex, Rock, Jetset, Droid, Kuyostar, Trap(2), Trap 2013 and so many others. I take them around, share them and more. Not to single out something, but I’ve prepaid for a Civility. I’m also heading to Vietnam soon for 2 weeks of having my life wasted, so I’m taking yoyos to keep myself from going absolutely insane.

Most of my metals are snapped and online here:
I don’t know squat about photography, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying!

So many other models I want to get. I love sharing my stuff!

Now, some reality check:
Did the forum shrivel up and die without me? No, of course it didn’t. I’m sure things went by just fine without me. No, I wasn’t lurking either. I mean, I was GONE. When I posted something, I wrote it offline, logged in, posted, locked and logged out before anyone could notice I was here.

A few of you texted me. Some of you PM’ed me. Some of you emailed me. Nobody called, but that’s OK. Thank you. It was appreciated.

Expect  longer post from me soon.

Oh, and NOT locking this one.



edit: oh! It’s open for discussion! yay!

I live in Pa so I couldn’t get to CalStates, however I did watch the live stream. I thought you were turning it over so that you could work on you masters? Does this mean that you only turned over the organizing of the competition and stayed on bored for sound only?

Either way I’m glad that you’re back. I was just drooling over your YoYo Pron yesterday. Might have been a premonition. :wink:

Story of my life, man.

Chris Allen, aka Dr. YoYo, was in charge for CalStates. This was his last CalStates. He has turned over the contest to JD. I have done CalStates in 2012 and 2013. I have transitioned my full support of this contest from Chris Allen to JD, so I am on-board for 2014.

With all the stuff I have going on, I don’t have the time, energy and resources to organize a contest from start to finish. We also have to look at other factors. Not to sound shallow and greedy, but contests are about money, although not necessarily about getting rich, but about putting some money in the promoter’s pocket, or at least break even. That may not be true in regards to the world of yoyo. However, with my situation, I have to fight tooth and nail for money since I’m self employed. With yoyo contests, I do my work for as little money as possible, which is fine with me since I own all the gear at the company. It’s really not about making money for me, but rather covering my costs and having a little bit of spare cash in my pocket.

I’m also trying to figure out a “travel pack” I can haul with m in case people around the country want to fly me in in and handle sound for their event. Mixer, RTA with correction, Macbook Pro, audio interface, DI’s, hum eliminators and some speciality cables and I should be ready to roll. Throw me on a plane, give me sweet yoyos and accessories I need, cover my travel and food(and hotel if need be) and I’m a happy road dog. Oh, and a little spending money would be nice.

Welcome back, Chris!

We needed more “essay writers” back in our ranks… there are only a few of us. :wink:

Thank you.

Welcome back! :wink:

I still want your peak…

Boy have I missed your long posts. :slight_smile:

I hope everything is going well for you!

I’m curious as to how you were able to lock the thread(s). We used to be able to lock our own threads, like two years ago or so… I assume you just had a moderator do it for you?

Forum eXpert awesomeness privileges prehaps?

I don’t know exactly. I do not have moderator privs, which is fine because although there’s a lot of moderation things I’d like to do, I just don’t want to be a moderator.

I’ve always had the ability to lock a thread I start. Check if you can lock a thread too. If you see the “Additional options”, it’s over in there. You won’t be able to lock this thread though. Again, it has to be a thread you created.