Goodbye Studio.


Well Chris, it’s been a fun time. Goodbye. Have a fun last two hours. I think we all hope you come back, and you’ve made the forums, and the yoyo community in general a better place. At least you’ll still be contributing to the community! We’ll miss you! :slight_smile:

(I know it’s the wrong section, just move it if you need to.)


What? Studio45? I’m missing something here.


Studio42 (I assume you made a typo), is leaving the forums July 1st.


He is?? Why?


Someone fill me in here…


I thought he was leaving after World’s? Ah well. We’ll be seeing you around somewhere, Chris!

(M.DeV1) #7

Less time on the forums more time working is what he told me. He wants to get back into pursuing sound and his business.


Yea he’ll still be throwing and goingto meets and contests, just won’t be on thenforums. He’ll be back though, they always come back :wink:


Haha, remember when bcmaddog “left”? Didn’t last a day :stuck_out_tongue: we are too irresistible.


Will miss you studio! You’ve helped many many yoyoers propel in yoyoing. We could always count on you to help us , all I can say is, thanks studio!

If I was studio, I would come back after like 3 years, and see if anybody remembers you, I sure will. :wink:


Oh yea, that was more of a pity post though honestly… I suspect studiowill give in within a few weeks tops



Guys he locked that thread for a reason he didn’t want a discussion going.


Yeaaahhhhh… the problem with locking threads like that is that they don’t get bumped and are quickly lost. Every time someone posts one of those locked threads, nobody ends up reading them! I wouldn’t have seen it without Jason’s link and I wouldn’t have seen Jason’s link without this thread.

I think he didn’t want any sort of “please stay” posts (or the opposite), any sorts of extended questions, etc. But I doubt he’d be offended by a quick “g’bye, take care” from whoever wants to add it. I’ve put mine out there, and I’m sure it hasn’t offended. :wink:


Ya, thats what im thinkin, but I posted in this thread cuz I wanted him yo know he’s awesome!



I wanted to leave, soo bad because of all the negativity etc. but I just couldn’t. The pull was to strong!

This is what I enjoy, and I wanted to leave but couldn’t.

Same with Studio, he will be back. There is no way he can leave the forums for ever. Maybe a few months-years but not forever…


What if this is all a secret plan and he is going to make a new account and spy on us to see if we miss him…

And then he will come back and be like, “The account nardcopter is actually me, I was spying on you and you all failed the test so now you must die.”

Edit: Did I say nardcopter? Silly me. I am not Studio42. Haha… Ha…


Edit2: Did I bark? I meant to laugh hahaha I am not secretly Haru spying on you guys that would be woof.

I mean weird.


And not a single crap was given that day.


Its not like hes posted much on these boards…


No! First Jarrod left, now Studio42, this forum is falling apart I tell you! Falling apart!