What’s up with studio42? He hasn’t posted recently, or at least I haven’t seen him post. Is he still dealing with the Shop Break In, and the $1000??

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He’s taking time from the forums for a little while, just leave it at that.


Hes still around (facebook), probably taking a break from the forums.

Oh, Ok :).

Yeah he is taking a break because he is really busy with his job.

I miss his long detailed posts :’(

That’s where.

That gave me a sad.

He was on the chat last night.

What I got from that was someone was being mean to him. :confused:

WTF!? Me not gusta… Now we only have one not so active forum expert… :’(

I talked to studio42 through private message. Everything is okay, he is just taking a break.

Whew, well i think that i will send him a pm with a link to this thread.

Don’t say WTF please. And who is the not so active forum eXpert?


Is a forum Expert. Man, I could be one ;). But Studio should be Chief Fourm Expert, and all the Fourm experts are his apprentices. He should be both forum ex. And a admin or Moderator.

Maybe we could ask Andre if we can vote on it,??? If you agree I’ll pm him when studios active ::).

I do not think Mod’s are chosen by a “vote”