formerly active people that havent posted in ages...

over half the forum experts

and lots more! whered all these people go?

They haven’t gone anywhere. Some people prefer to just read.

A lot of them quit.

They saw me coming and ran for the door! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, life changes and so do priorities, interests, and commitments.
Yeah we all miss some, but consider all the great people that show up on a regular basis. Besides, how many times can you explain cleaning a bearing, when to change string, make the same arguments, have the same discussions? It can feel like you’re chasing your tail at times.

Sometimes people just need to take a break.

Stuff happens, even I’ve been feeling like I have no more time for yoyoing anymore :-\

Yea life gets busy, especially when you are a student. I try to yoyo every night though.

A certain person who likes wolves and was active on here, and also happened to be a forum expert, and was named Josh.

Well, he was banned.

Mods, when you remove this, please PM me why this happened

Well, unless I was vague enough on who I was talking about; I never did give a username you know…

This randomly fellow “JohnnyJ” isn’t very active any more. I wonder what ever happened to him? Ah well, i didn’t like him to much anyway :wink:

It’s really time to move on and look forward. I’m sorry you are finding that hard to do. However posts such as this really aren’t going to change anything. The only purpose they serve therefore is to run emotions high, create more drama and cause division. I believe that these are things nobody wishes to see or experience. If you need to vent please feel free to pm me.

Therein lies the reasons such posts are not waranted.

Let’s keep the discussion on topic please.
Yes some people are gone due to bans.

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And I, for one, think the forum is a better place because of some of the bans.

I think we are really starting to get an incredibly awesome and diverse bunch of people together. This is a good thing.

Some good people have left, some bad have joined, but overall, I think the forum is a “stronger / better” (for lack of a better term) place than it was a year or two ago.

Oh, sorry if you took that wrong.

I was just trying to let everyone know why that certain individual wasn’t active on here anymore. Nothing more

People are busy.

I’ve been posting minimally here after I moved out (which is three years ago now). I am busy with my musicology studies, choir, band, videogames and actually yoyoing, most of these things have at least one social event every week. A good example is this weekend. Today I just attended a musicology conference, in one hour I’m going to a party for the musicology students. Tomorrow I’ve got 6 hours of choir practice and then a celebration of our conductors 20th year with the choir. On Sunday I have to do some recording work for a practical task on top of a movie night with some friends from musicology. I would really like to squeeze some games of Dota 2 into this and then there’s the minimal 1 hour of playing the bass every day.

There’s just not enough hours in the day for me to be posting as actively as I was back when I became a forum eXpert.

sigh I fixed it.

so many others.

I know that Kim-Lan pretty much quit yoyoing. Samad might have quit too. Paolo is still yoyoing, and being pretty darn good at it as well.

Q is still around…CarlG. I was going to make a thread like this…

I’ve missed Paolo , samad, and apetrunk. Used to have fun chats with them.

Samad was sooo good…I think he quit though considering I haven’t seen anything of him in a long time…Paolo…kid has gotten too good, I remember when he was on the forums before and I was kind of scared of him, haha. Now he’s gone pro, making finals at Worlds, 4th at Nats in 5A without trying, 7th in 1A at Nats…Man…

I remember a great quote from Paolo: “I’ll throw anything.”

I’m not sure how old he was. It was two or three years ago. But that stuck with me because it’s the best attitude to have about this thing we do.

Banjo Spins,
and PreinFalk is leaving. He has like 97 positive feedback! (And more on yyn!)
My dream is to be a forum expert someday 0.0

JhonnyJ is leaving.

EDIT: nevermind.