Forum Experts

Is it just me, or are there only a couple who are still fairly active?
These are the few that I see frequently around the forums
Im sure some just don’t go on the forums much anymore, but did any completely stop yoyoing?

Some people just drift from the forums.
“Throw more, post less.”

Exactly. However, some people haven’t even been here in… almost 2 years.

Paolo did but he is kiinda coming back now

mrcnja posts from time to time. He’s on the chat rooms all the time. He’s active, just not super active on here. Good guy by the way.

I feel it’s my obligation to help. I’ve been awarded the title for a reason, and I’m having a great time helping. It’s like being given credit for what I do naturally.

Yeah, I’m around, but I just haven’t been moved to post as much as I have in the past. I’m just lurking in the shadows and getting my thrills from IRC.

oh yeah. forgot to put you^^^ up on the list