Any feedback on the Oxy Megatron?


I have yet to hear anything on this new yoyo. Just wondered if anybody that has one might offer their opinion of it?



That time of the month?


Must be the taxes.


If the original post was a painting, it would be worth a lot of money.


Mark your Calendar, Studio. The first week in October. That is the time of the Month that you won’t be doing the sound At Nationals.

You think you are a funny guy. Sadly, you are your #1 fan.

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Yoyodoc you are a sad sad man who sits behind a computer wanting to start an argument. I don’t know what makes you a professional, I don’t know who in their right mind would sponsor such a mean person, but i pity you and hope you change your behaviour or leave the forums all together.

You have a nice night.


You do know who yoyodoc is don’t you?

I have had many a pleasant conversation with him. Dude knows his stuff and would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him for it… which probably would not fit my 6’5" frame. :slight_smile:

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Well he sure dosen’t display “pleasant” behaviour on the forums. Every time I see him he’s trying to start an argument.


Nah, just when certain people get under their skin. I have the same problem with certain forum members as well. They just cause us to “Hulk out”.

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And lash out with insults?

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I’m sorry, but Studio’s comment was the first to make me laugh out loud on the forums in a very long time.

I thought it was funny. I don’t get the hostility here and don’t really want to get involved but I thought it was hilarious. aha


You’re probably right. I’m up against a 20+ year business relationship between the event organizers and the existing sound company. I’ve already had multiple conversations with the event organizers and they don’t want to change things. However, if you all like hearing the woofers bottom out from trying to handle low-end that they can’t fully handle, and mis-placed monitors bleeding out the front and causing comb filtering issues, then I say, enjoy sub-standard audio. However, that doesn’t mean I should just give up and quit. That’s not how I got to be a top engineer working with top acts. However, my touring days are over, at least from a physical standpoint. Someone else has got to do the driving and moving the gear.

Also, it’s very doubtful Nationals would afford my day rate for the job if I were to charge full pop anyways.

Either way, I’ll be there at Nationals. I’ll either be doing sound or lugging the “Case of Wonders”. Either way, I’m gonna be having one heck of a good time.

Whoah!! Let’s all dial it down a few notches.

I think yoyodoc is just having some fun by busting my chops a bit. I think I’ve figured out that he’s not deliberately lashing out at me just to be mean. Now that I think I understand WHO he is, I don’t think anything he’s saying is coming from a “dark place”.

I think that my knowing what I DO KNOW(or thing I know), I think the two of us can probably handle our own battles, especially our battles between each other. They might actually be more entertaining this way.

But, they won’t have that chance to happen. My time here is running out and I’ve got no time to sit around being angry, fighting battles or being in a bad mood. I’ve got contests to go after for sound contracts, and a few other leads in that area. I’m also targeting some events in Southern California, so perhaps I’ll be able to do sound for SoCal yoyo events soon.

Let’s keep this place friendly.

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That would be so awesome, then I could actually see this case of wonders in person, and stuff would actually sound good too hahaha


I usually go to Disneyland in November, but I think my wife has other plans this year(sooner or later, not sure). Find me on Facebook.(check my profile here). This is my last day on the forum so I won’t be around after today.


Thank you Studio. As long as the people I mess with(like you) understand I am just jerking your chain, like I do with Josh(Haru) that is fine with me. I can understand that Mdev1 would take my quips at a few of you guys as me just being a Total jerk. Kinda bums me when that happens because Mdev1 gets irritated and that is not fair to him.

Just so more of us might be on the same page, I offer the following information. Some people on this board see me as a career trouble maker. I just jump on people ‘frequently’ just to be a sort of hater. Interestingly, I have been a member of this board for going on 4 years and have only posted about 160 times. Seems kinda low numbers for a guy that could post trouble every single day, ya think?
I see humor in almost everything… Yes, no doubt I am a wise guy. But the people I mess with can take it. Studio shoots right back at me, no problem. Haru knows I pull his chain when he gets too ‘wolfy’. He is not fazed.

Haru(Josh Yee) to me, is a little Ka-razy but he is an Excellent yoer in:1a, 2a, 3a, 4a and 5a. So even though I rag on him, here and there, I fully know he could not have gotten so good at yoing if he was a dope. He is a smart kid… Just a little zany and I play off that now and then.

Studio42 is a very intelligent guy. When it comes to sound engineering, he knows his stuff. Like Josh, Studio is a heck of a storyteller. I have already stated in past posts that I read most if not all of Studios’ posts. Since he has posted 8500 times in the past two years and I have posted only 160 times in the last 3 and a half years, using basic Math, just how many opportunities have I passed up to ‘start trouble’?

When I told Studio he would not be doing sound for Nats, that was just playing with his brain. Studio is a realist and he already knows/knew that unless their regular Sound man bows out for some reason, Studio has no chance to get the job anyways.
I’m not wishing bad on Studio. I would Love to see him get the Nationals Sound Gig. He loves doing Yoyo Contests. He is at his very best when he has ‘things wired up’.

Haru is one of my favorite players. I remember when he was a little chubby kid and could not play his way out a paper bag. And now, Wolf outfit or not, he is an Ironman(a player that can do all 5 styles). But when he gets too deep into the Spiritual/metaphysical/Yoda-like/at one with the frequency stuff, I sometimes break out the Clownbat.

To somewhat address a comment made about why I am listed as a Professional, I can’t say I even know, lol.
But this ‘might’, ‘might’ have at least something to do with it>>>

In 1998 I started cutting up yoyos. Trying to show players and Yoyo Makers that yoyo performance could be improved without too much effort. There were several of us that tried to get the ball rolling in the right direction: me, John Rollins, Eric Wolff, Alan Gray, and Stan Zygo. ( there were obviously a few more, but we were pretty much the most active). I used to talk yoyo mods with many, many people back then. I started posting pics of every mod I did. Helped others with mod problems 7 days a week. I freely shared any Custom mods that worked with anybody that could use them. I would buy yoyos, hot rod them and give them away… free. I even paid the shipping, always. All of us were doing so many yoyo Mods back then, that in 2001, Greg initiated the World Mod Contest as an added event at the World Yoyo Contest.

I got lucky and won the Mod Contest 3 years in a row. Nothing to jump up and down about, but at least more people in the Yoyo World knew I was fairly handy at trying to move the yoyo performance scale along.
Once more people knew about me, more people contacted me to bounce thoughts off me. I never charged anybody for anything I shared with them or mods I did for them to help them along.
… In 2005 at the National Yoyo Post Contest Awards Presentation Banquet, I was called up to the Stage and Presented with the National Achievement Award. The Award states that it is bestowed on a person who’s efforts improve the Sport and positively influences the Yoyo Industry. <<< please recognize that I didn’t give myself this Award, they did. < So somebody must have had some kind of information showing I had a positive functionality in the Yoyo Puzzle.

I met Dale Bell from Yoyojam at Worlds back in 1999. For years, Dale and I have talked yoyos in countless conversations. I have worked with him on a number of designs. I have contributed information on numerous projects over,the years, never asking for compensation or recognition. I still mod(I have a MachineShop in my garage) on a regular basis and still bounce yoyo ideas around with others via phone or Internet, every week of the year, every year, for the past 15 years ongoing.

As I’ve seen countless dozens of people come into the yoyo scene, make some noise and then simply Vanish, I have continued to help anybody whenever I can.
Just a few days ago Supbreh1234(think that is right?) was looking for used string contributions to give to kids with no string. I sent him a 2.5 pound box with a 1000 new strings in it.<> free and I paid for shipping. I could see he was trying to help others, so I helped him along.

Recently a friend of Skyhighyo mentioned in chat that he only had a few yoyos and having limited funds, was not sure what to get next? So I got a brand new Hyper Yoyo case and filled it with about 850 bucks worth of yoyos. The package was so heavy, the shipping cost me 20 bucks, lol. I figured if the kid had a grip of yoyos maybe he could start up a little yoyo club.

Possibly because some of the folks in the Yoyo Community that actually know what I have been contributing for the last Decade and a half, with no fade out in sight, maybe that is why they list me as a Professional.

I don’t take your assumptions personally. You draw your conclusions simply on too little information.

Let it be fully understood that no matter what actual positive contributions I have made to yoing over the years, gives me no kinda Special Pass to jump into a thread on any yoyo forum and be a Jerk… < like I can be a Jerk because I think I am Privledged. That is not the case. I am no better than anybody on this Forum. We are all part of the Yoyo Puzzle.

Zero doubt that I am a Wise guy. My prime consolation is that the guys I mess with know my style a whole lot better than those,that come to their defense. So when I start throwing tomatoes, I know I have to expect tomatoes coming back at me. I’m fine with that.

PS… One thing that should be noted, sometimes I will try to recharge somebodys’ initiative by presenting a’Negative’. Think of it. You read a statement and you don’t like it. You believe that you can alter the information and reverse the prediction. I tell Studio to mark his Calendar because in the first week of October he will not be doing the Sound at Nats. <> so Studio renews his efforts to try to get the Job, just so he can ‘get my goat’. A primitive form of reverse psychology. Studio Loves challenges. And if I tell him he won’t/can’t get the gig, what better way to put my foot in my mouth than to,prove me wrong?
Realize that easy things bore Studio to Death. They put him to sleep. I try to keep the guy awake.


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Thank you for clearing stuff up.

I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.


That was a great post Doc. Even though in the past you’ve made posts that, before reading your last one, I considered mean, I noticed that you always gave good advice, and were quite generous (the string you sent for free). Your backstory, while I knew the general idea, is really cool, and thanks for clearing everything up. In the past, you and I have had a disagreement, and I would like to say sorry, because I made a judgement with too little information. We cool?

Anyway, trying to get back on topic, what is the point of the original post? (An honest question, not sarcasm)


The point was this:


(yeah, I’m serious)


Studio was dead on. >.< that was the point.

But since we are clearing the air, I might well present my other 3 points:

. . . <------------- I feel better now


Just two old guys going at it, nothing to see here :wink: Anyway, the Oxy Megatron looks pretty sweet to me. The shape looks like it would be very comfortable to hold, and a huge bonus for me is it uses threaded titanium inserts! No stripping anytime soon!