1000 Posts of literary genius

Your puny post counts are nothing compared to mine. I have posted 1000 times. My beautifully typed masterpieces can all be read here at YYE, so I suggest you get to it.




Both of you are inferior. I dominate the forums with my virtually unreachable post count. Almost 3700 posts of amazing wonderment. I happen to have the second highest post count on the forums out of all active members.

Now you silly little boys… go back to the clubhouse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh. It only took me a few months of actually using my account to attain this.

Sorry, I’m gonna go suck my thumb in a corner now… :’(

You really should.

Quality over quantity

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Does that mean I win?

I reached 1000 rather effortlessly as well.

I invite you to go through all of my posts. Most are bountiful with quality posts. Very few are not.

because post count makes you a better individual

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Bye guys. :’(

So you are saying it took effort past 1000? This isn’t too hard.


I have a bunch too :stuck_out_tongue:



My posts of over a 1000 are the best posts to possibly put grammar in! Mine are the perfect english warm up you wish you could have!

Studio42 6994
Samad 6653
Apetrunk 4832

Now all of you go sit in the corner. :wink: