how many posts do you have?

i have 364 (well 365 after i send this topic) how many do you guys? i post WAYYY too often… :wink:

31 after this one, QQ im a nub still xD

Somewhere around 1350

It’s not the number of posts thats important, it’s the quality of those posts. Some of us have very few posts but those few posts contain a wealth of information. Then, on the other hand, there are those of us who have a wealth of posts that aren’t much more than “lol, troll’n.” :wink:

I’m wonder if I troll more than I intelligently post…

I troll very intelligently, if I do say so myself, and probably more so than you ::slight_smile: .

Just 1 in the house at the moment.


very good.

I’ve noticed the folks with the high number of posts usually consist of “bumping” their BST thread.

is there any point at all to this thread?
like 545

One more than I had a few seconds ago.

i was bored ok? geeez

true true

Just saying…

Unrelated posts don’t count. :wink:

Hmm, let me see, I have a lot, and I try to be helpful…

Around 50 lol

Let’s see

Now I have 47

Let’s look



What amazes me is that Studio42 has like 4500 posts, and at least half of them are 3 paragraphs long minimal. The rest are like 1.