I hit 1000 posts!

And this post is just as pointless as the rest of the 999 posts I’ve had so far :nerd_face::joy:

i was just thinking I was coming up on my 1k-th(?) post

Well I guess I’m not good at math :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It literally won’t change! I was at 999 before, after and multiple posts after that!

sounds like YOU should be calling shenanigans! hahaha

Lol I should! :slight_smile: has it changed at all? I’m on the mobile app so I can’t tell (at least I don’t think I can…)

It’s still on 999. Either way your amount of posts pales in comparison to my 4000+ posts ;D

I don’t know if it’s an accomplishment I’m particularly proud of though ::slight_smile:

Lol, all I have to do is click on my name to look!

Still rockin them trip-nines brother!

Lol, yep :wink:

Unrelated discussion doesn’t count I think.

Really? That is kinda odd but awesome!

could this be true?

It IS! It is TRUE! this changes . . . . .(nothing) ::slight_smile: !

I wonder how many posts I really have then…


There, now I’m at a 1000 :wink:

Correction, 1001!!! :slight_smile:


Why thank ya kindly misster