my 1000th post!

im sure addicted to forums arent i…

plus my unrelated posts seem to count. a glitch perhaps! (do they still? hmm)

this post is to test if my unrelated posts count

they do!


1000!!! thanks guys, you guys are awesome! i cant belive im as far as i am in yoyoing!!! and i suck lol! ;D

I’d have a few thousand if they counted. In other sections I don’t feel like contributing as much. The threads are more similar.

I agree, you guys sure are noisy! ;D I haven’t even hit 500 posts yet…

Yay! Pointless thread!

Slow. Down. Please.

I’ve been here for 3 years and I almost have 3000.
You haven’t even been here that long. Don’t post if you don’t have to.


if unrelated posts didnt count for me, id have like 600

That is seriously the wierdest thing. Talk to a mod or something.

I’ve been here for almost 3 years and have yet to break 1500… Have over 2500 posts on YYN though.

nah… i like the glitch! who knows, in a year i might have 10000 posts! and if a mod decides to fix the glitch, at least lemme keep the 1000 :smiley: also i think i have the higest post to time being here ratio!

I kind of wish I had that glitch…

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I’d have ove 2000 posts if my unrelated counted…



I have that glitch too

Okay 1000 why do you need to be online so much?

I don’t have that glitch… :frowning: I broke 1000 regular though.