my 1000th post!


im sure addicted to forums arent i…


plus my unrelated posts seem to count. a glitch perhaps! (do they still? hmm)


this post is to test if my unrelated posts count


they do!




1000!!! thanks guys, you guys are awesome! i cant belive im as far as i am in yoyoing!!! and i suck lol! ;D


I’d have a few thousand if they counted. In other sections I don’t feel like contributing as much. The threads are more similar.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #8

I agree, you guys sure are noisy! ;D I haven’t even hit 500 posts yet…

(SR) #9

Yay! Pointless thread!

Slow. Down. Please.

I’ve been here for 3 years and I almost have 3000.
You haven’t even been here that long. Don’t post if you don’t have to.



if unrelated posts didnt count for me, id have like 600

(SR) #11

That is seriously the wierdest thing. Talk to a mod or something.


I’ve been here for almost 3 years and have yet to break 1500… Have over 2500 posts on YYN though.


nah… i like the glitch! who knows, in a year i might have 10000 posts! and if a mod decides to fix the glitch, at least lemme keep the 1000 :smiley: also i think i have the higest post to time being here ratio!


I kind of wish I had that glitch…

(WildCat23) #15

I’d have ove 2000 posts if my unrelated counted…






I have that glitch too


Okay 1000 why do you need to be online so much?


I don’t have that glitch… :frowning: I broke 1000 regular though.