(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #1

919!!! I feel no need to celebrate those even numbered post counts, only the prime posts counts. (see what I did there?)

The great thing about 919 is that it’s just one more than 918 and one less than 920, and it’s prime!!! Celebration! ::slight_smile:

Actually I’m just having a bit of fun. When you feel the need to celebrate your post count, let’s all just do it here, rather than making numerous threads.


(Owen) #2

The funny thing is that youve been on here for longer than some people with 3000+ posts.

(Jerrod) #3


(WildCat23) #4

Could you remind me how a lurker ends up with 900+ posts again?


1742 (or 1743 if you count this one).


(kclejeune) #6

I only recently got past one post per day lol. 3 years of not posting will do that to ya.


1022!!! It’s divisible by two. And rhymes with that previous sentence.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

1509 Oh yea LOL


I know, right? It’s pretty appalling when you add in his posts on the other yoyo forums …it’s really not many posts at all, considering all those years!~skitrz

Also, I just hit post 1359! 1359!!! That was the year that Bogdan I became Prince of Moldavia!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #10

Hey now, at least 1/2 of all my posts on YYE are simply the redirecting of moved or deleted threads. I’ve still got the lurker skills.

Thanks for the support guys. ;D

(WildCat23) #11

Well my post count is in the 2600’s. I suppose that’s after the fallout from Nuclear wars has gone through enough half-life’s to be relatively harmless.


Not that many!?

+921 @YYE = 1762 … “Lurker” … ::slight_smile:


I gotz 2.9/day.

(Erik Kerber ) #14

Well I gotz 4.868 a day


<--------- I have that many


I don’t belong here… ::slight_smile:



403, that’s me. Add up all the digits and subtract seven and you get zero


If only you didn’t lurk so much, we could keep noting your prime posts until you eventually prove the twin primes conjecture by exhaustion.


I wish I would have celebrated 1729