Just realized...

I finally broke a thousand posts! Not that it means anything…


you just broke 10 ::slight_smile:

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When I eventually get to 5150 posts, I’ll stop posting…

What? That’s crazy talk!

Well I’m getting close to 100!!

I should have been there a long time ago. But thats what I get for not posting and just reading. getting involved is more fun anyway. ;D

Well if 5150 posts is the end of WildCat23, you better start pacing yourself bud! :wink:

i don’t even remember my 1000 post :-\

Pretty cool!

Well, I only a have 740. ::slight_smile:

Well you’ll probably never hit 1000 anyways…

when you bump a post (such as a BST) do you get a point for posts?


I hit 500 earlier this week…

Ive been on this forum 7 days 4 hours and 14 minutes.

I’m about to hit 2500 on the other forum.

Really? Checks the mods section

Here is what I post the most in ;D

For the Modders 903
YoYoNation 556
1st Impressions & Reviews 380
For the Show-Offs: YoYo Showcase 158