I hit 1000 posts!


I’m currently on 5478 posts right now and I am nowhere near Jhb.


I think you have the most avg. posts per day outside of greg though, so theres that :smiley:

I remember back when the forums were booming there were quite a few people with 5+ posts per day and even a couple with 10+. Crazy.


Those were the days…


I wish they were like that now! I can get on and nothing has changed in 12 hours…

(major_seventh) #25

I just miss how exciting yoyoing used to be as a beginner. So much learning. Getting stoked landing a double or nothing.


I was lucky enough to have recently started yoyoing when the forums were at its peak back in 2013. The forums were way more active and livelier. LITERALLY 10x more active than it is now. Those were the days indeed.


I was yoyoing at that time, just not on the forums :frowning:

(Erik Kerber ) #28

Yep as a seasoned veteran I can second third that unrealted does not count :smiley:


Yeah, I’d have way too many posts if they did. :wink:

(InvaderDust) #30

Im at my 999. so im just gonna post here while I ponder this 1k mildstone.