Get rid of # of posts on the stats.

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I really feel like this would better our forum. It seems like a lot of forum members are just out to get a HUGE amount of posts, without benefiting anyone. I feel like they see more posts as a status quo, and people with the most posts have the most respect. I feel by removing the post count, if at all possible, we may be able to rid our forum of the needless posting that comes from these individuals.


Yeah, I believe the mentality of some members, like Q said, is “Oh, if I have more posts people will think I’m awesome and helpful.” But, so what if you have, example 1000 posts. But, only 350 of those posts are helpful, kind, and thought out. If people stop trying to get x amount of posts, and think about theirs posts and make them relevant and helpful, then the forums will just be better over all. So, yeah, I agree.


I can think of a certain person whos posts rarely contribute anything. You all know who i mean.


Haha, I know exactly who that makes me think of.

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I disagree. Post count urges people to post. If they are lacking content, report and a mod will talk to them about spamming. I see no reason why this statistic should not be visible. Taking it off will not make people post more constructively, it will just make them post less. In which less threads get bumped, and that makes it so less people post in the long run.


Frankly, I don’t think it has an effect one way or the other. We did it on one of the other boards and it wasn’t obvious that it cut down the lame posts. I say leave them in place.

Frankly, I’d like to see the join date left panel of the posts along w/the post count.

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I agree with this to an extent, but at the same time I would rather people not be judged based on their “forum seniority.” I’m proof positive that seniority is not an issue. Maybe display their age instead.


Impossible to be regulated. You could never tel if someone is faking they’re posted age.

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It doesnt matter. None of this matters.


So true. :wink:


He has over 1200 posts!
We should do as he says.


Are you implying he’s a post whore?? ???


You live, you die. Nothing you do can change this. Why does life matter…


simply playing off of the irony

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But I average, what?
5 posts a day, if that. It’s not like I try and try and try to get on the “Top Posters” list by any means.

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Honestly i never thought of a post count as something to be proud of… and i don’t think a whole lot of people worry about it too much, thankyous maybe, but i’m not to sure about posts.


I don’t feel we are out to get a huge # of posts, more as, several members try to get a low given thankyou:Taken thankyou ratio, because the mode have like 2 given thankyous. Well, that is because they don’t need to give thanks, they are the ones helping you, not the other way around.

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It’s a nice thing to have, just to see who has the most or whatever. I don’t think it really needs to be removed. If you want info, it’s there, and it’s nice to have.

About the competition between posts - I don’t really think there are many of us trying to get the most posts. That’s retarted, and I really don’t see anyone here trying to do it.


and nobody can beat samad…

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It’s not a competition… but that is true. lol