Leaving?? Not appreciated.....

I having been getting post back saying I’m a jerk, I am not posting anything that quality or a contribution.

And also that I am annoying people.

So I guess if I’m bothering everyone, it’s best for me to leave and come back in the future…

Sorry for any trouble I caused or annoyance.

People who are outspoken or who do things others wish they could do are often called annoying, or something similar. Take it as a compliment. “Annoying” people are the trend-setters.

You can’t go around correcting everyone and playing moderator and not expect people to finally have seen enough to say something.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m not the first or only person to say something about it. This little pity party isn’t going to help. Just leave people be.

Aside from that, your posts are generally relevant and a positive contribution.

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Pretty much my thoughts. After a while, people playing moderator gets tiresome. Also, if someone else tried to “play moderator” they’d get the same reaction. It’s not personal.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

No. They’re not.

Yes. They are.

Thanks for proving me wrong. lol

Most of the negative comments are because you acted superior to another yoyoer simply based off of post count.

Since when is the amount of posts ON A YOYO FORUM a badge of authority/intelligence?

Honestly, to me, it is slightly embarrassing saying “I have posted over 2,000 times on a yoyo forum!”

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Bcmaddog, if you have been getting these comments from more than one person, perhaps they are points to take into consideration. But, if you enjoy the forum, as it seems you do, simply take some of the concerns into consideration and continue to post accordingly. It is up to you if you make some changes, but if you are apologizing, it might mean you think those comments might have some merit. There are many regular posters who once received the same type of feedback that you did, but now they blend in on the forum. Don’t see the constructive criticism in a negative light, because it will make you a better poster in the future. Also, leaving is not the answer, a bit of self reflection seems the only solution. Your posts have improved a lot since I first saw you on the forum. I was a regular poster in your YYF Pro Packs thread.

But, I am one of those who is growing tired of the “I’m leaving the forum” posts. As Waylon stated, they come across as being a pity party, and those who post threads like that rarely leave anyway. We all have annoyed someone on the forum at some point. So, maybe just leave policing the forum to the moderators, and have some fun. You’re not leaving anyway, so we’ll see you soon :wink:

It’s easy to run when things get difficult but hard to look in the mirror. It’s better to face the reality, make a change and see it through. Then when you look in the mirror you can smile and be proud of what you see. That’s the way life is, just think about what it is you want and see it through.

Your choice.

I didn’t say I was leaving, well I did sorta. I meant leave untill I am more mature…

You’re welcome?? :smiley:

There are people in college and grown adults on here that act incredibly immature. Don’t make the mistake that age spawns wisdom. Some people have started threads that simply asked for other members to be “nice” to each other, and it was met with ridiculous comments parsing down to “don’t tell me to be nice”. ::slight_smile:

You want to make the boards/world a better place? Then just be that way and lead by example. The rest who just don’t get it, will have to fend for themselves.

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What energy people put out into the world against you is really a reflection of their own inner self. Dont let what people say bring you down. I love you and feel that you are a valuable member to have here…

I think you’re valuable, too. If I’ve said anything taken ill, rest assured it was meant as constructive criticism. The fact that you perform some small “moderator-like” functions shows that you’re passionate about this community. When you’re passionate, it’s hard to just step back. :wink:

Another tricky thing is knowing when a “truth” might be limited to your experiences. For example, I’ve had good luck with automotive swirl remover polish to help revive dying bearings, but if I share that advice, it would be exactly that: “I’ve had good luck with…etc…” rather than straight-up, “Use swirl remover.”

One shows that I’ve tried a technique and liked it. The other is presenting something as a fact or best practice when it is not really considered either.

I don’t have an example of you doing something like that, but I know that our younger enthusiastic members tend to do it a lot.

But that’s a digression. You should stay, and you should continue to be as active and enthusiastic as you always have been!

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April the 1st, that date this post, It don’t add up

Thanks guys, in felling that I should stay, but not enough yet. Still on the line.

It’s not fun to post and stuff and get comments that I shouldn’t do that or it was a pointless post.

And yesterday I got a message from ***** not to mention his name because I’m getting in his nerves…

If this is not a prank, then you should stay, you would leave a whole in our community

Don’t leave bcmadddog! I enjoy everyone of your posts and I don’t know who has bin saying that stuff but your one of the most enjoyable people in the forums! Do not leave! I won’t let you by Pming you like crazy!

looks at calander