i have been on this yoyo forum for a few months now and i have noticed that people here are very critical. i know that we are here to give info , advice, and opinions to name a few. yoyoing is supposed to be a fun thing to do. when someone feels like posting their progress or opinion, i have seen them get slammed. i would think that we could all be friendly and share positive knowledge. that is what i am here for and i would think that is what you are here for as well. what do you think. can we all just take a breath and yoyo in fun???

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life is good
but not fair
i wish it worked that way

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Good Post,That why i stopped signing in on the last forum i was!

But i like this one.

most people just give constructive critism most people here are very nice

But if we only tell them good things about them, and don’t give them tips to improve, how are they supposed to grow as a yoyoer?

Though I do agree that some people (mainly me) have been critical. Expect an apology post from me soon :wink:


Exactly, what samad said, if you keep saying only the good side, they can never fix the wrongs and get better

People here are very nice and imformative. We are here to help each other.

Btw, samad you always have the most thought out answer to everything
:slight_smile: ~gorrilla_yo

Hey samad,so do u have vids on youtube?

Yup. Right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/coolerthenu458

Here is my newest video:

Well, that wrist is not stopping you to make videos!

Broken arm and still doing your thing,Right on.

i dont know what you mean by that. Were all friends here. I havent seen anyone being slammed in here but ill take your word for it. youve got to understand though that you need critisism to learn. not hurtful ones but nice critisim. If you see someone sayin that the other “sucks” or is a “noob” correct em’.
We’re all friends here, except for you samad, I hate you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

When posting on the reviews, we’re not trying to be mean, we’re trying to give constructive critisisim on how to make your next one better.

I’d personally have people say its a bad review and why/how I could improve it than have everyone say the review isperfect.


I’ve never seen that, I’ll need an example thread…

I really don’t feel like I have to say the same good stuff as others.

Yoyoing and posting on the forums isn’t really the same. I’m not seeing a big problem here, I haven’t really seen people being too harsh. But I might miss somethings here and there.

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I’m not a robot i cant do a complete scan of threads. Read what is in bold

Love the cast samad…nothing can stop the ninja

There was nothing wrong with any of those threads.

They were just dog’n the kid for his choice in music, and is completely irrelevant to his Yo’n skills. I could see if they were telling him to put his Yo down and never pick it up again, then there would be an issue, but that wasn’t the case.

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Ummm… Ok I know a world more of information from the critical people here on the forums like Samad. ( no offense) look at him now he is a forum eXpert and yoyoing ninja!!! Would you take them seriously if they don’t use “tough love” to get you going? I find myself being more and more critical because it has helped ne in the past… If a post really makes you uncomfortable contact one of the sites administrators…