Just got a PM today... Please view this!

Okay, today I got a PM from someone who has been a member for a month, and has posted 12 times (more than half just BST bumps) and he sent me this-

Has anyone els been alerted by this man?

I’m not sure if he understands some of the Thread Topics, for example. Most people aren’t going to post a quality post in something that dosent need a quality answer like “Rate the food above.”

So I know we all had this discussion with the thread I made recently.

But I have improved and I don’t know what I could have posted recently that would be stupid or anything.

It seems to be just a suggestion. Anyone else complaining via PM?

Too recent. :wink: And sorry to poit it out, but a PM means Private Message, did you ask him permition to expose that message? Doesn’t seem right, but it’s just my opinion. And again, seems to be just a suggestion from him.


It seems to be just a suggestion. Anyone else complaining via PM?

Nope, only PM’s I’ve got are from friends some trade feedback and some string inquires.

But why would someone who has just recently come here tell me this? He thinks I’m posting rubbish and says he skips over things with my name on it.

Go ahead and look through my post.

And why is he telling ME this when he has only had 5 actual post and the rest BST bumps.

I just don’t see why him in particular? I mean I could see someone who has been here a while and observed my post. Like Studio GregP Jhb or Totalartist.

Just because he doesn’t post a lot doesn’t mean he doesn’t spend a lot of time here. There are many people who just browse the site, reading what we have to say. AKA Lurkers. It sounds like this gentleman went out of his way to offer a bit of constructive criticism.

And I agree with nunyx. You should at least omit his name…

Weeeelll, he did send the message to Maddog so Maddog should be able to do with it as he wishes.

This is a private matter man. Theres no reason to take it publicly. Learn from it and move on :wink:

Yeah, if he wanted everyone to see it, he would’ve had everyone see it. It’s a private message. I wouldn’t want people to post my messages on the forum, it’s not that they’re bad or anything I just feel like thats an invasion of my privacy.

I agree with him. :confused:

He has only been a member since March.

You wouldn’t put letter someone sent you on display, and you shouldn’t put a PM someone sent you on display either. It’s rude.

I think he was offering honest constructive criticism. Not posting inaccurate information is always better than posting only half accurate information.

You don’t have to be a member to read the forums.

And? That automatically makes his opinion invalid?

Believe it or not, posting a pm is against the rules.

Ive actually got to agree with him. You have over 2500 posts. Slow down you don’t have to post on every single thread you see. I just browsed through the 1st page of your recent posts and i noticed 3 times just on the 1st page where you spread wrong information. You got 2 yoyos mixed up, posted something in the wrong thread, double posted on a string thread, and mixed up yye ceramic and terrapin ceramic. Im not saying you shouldn’t post, I’m just saying slow down, post on topics you actually know about, and make sure your facts are correct before posting.


Also, don’t let peoples aggression towards your post count get to you. You can comment on any thread you want, and i haven’t really observed your posts, and I’m not saying mine are but all posts should have accurate info if you’re trying to help someone.

Other than that, don’t let these people push you off the forum, they need to be patient with the younger members.

If it was up to me, i would have the post count hidden

Not gonna lie, I actually agree with the op. you INSULT someone in private, they can make it public. And yeah, it does say constructive criticism, but saying “just some constructive criticism stop sucking at life.” it is still an insult IMO. So yeah, rules are rules, but the op has a right to be mad

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I do feel that the PM was more unnecessary criticism then helpful, but I feel if you had an issue with him you should have kept this between the two of you.

I think if such an event occurs your best course of action would be either “Ignore it” or “PM them about it”. And if you get some death threats or something you can PM the mods about it. :smiley:

In short this forum could do with less drama out in the open and more one on one conversations. I’m guilty of feeding the fire and trying to solve things out in the open but after seeing threads play out like broken records I’m of the opinion that PMs are the way to go.

But it seems like a lot of people including Bcmaddog post just to post. For some reason, and even though it may not even be intentional, they feel the need to post in every thread. I agree with the guy who sent him the PM. While it was wrong to post it, because you should have gotten his permission first, I completely agree with him.

Unfortunately I think this thread for the most part has backfired on the OP. Just goes to show that just because you have a high post count doesn’t mean the entire forum is going to rally around you and support you. I’ve been there. What the guy had to say to him, I completely agree with. 100%.

He didn’t insult him. Go back and re-read. You agreeing with the op that he has a right to be mad, shows just how immature both you and the op really are. That’s not an insult, just an observation. My advice for the OP is to grow up and get some thicker skin, perhaps focus on the quality of your input rather than the quantity of your output. This thread was completely unnecessary.


Yeah, he actually said it very nicely. In fact, I don’t think you could give criticism much better than that.

And hey, to the guy who sent that message to him. I like you. Let’s be friends. Seriously. :wink:

I think that I would have a pretty big bone to pick with someone who says they skip over threads with my name in them.

I think that BCMaddog has a valid reason for being upset, and the person who PMed him should have worded things a LOT differently, and been a lot more respectful.