Something to say...

After seeing the new Fourum eXpert, it made me want to be one.

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m the worst guy on the forums blah blah__ you will never become one blah blah—

I have a few request-

If you dislike something I say, or think it needs improving PM me- DO NOT start a argument over the post…

I want to come back nice and fresh–

If you hate me, wich some do -_- the tell me what you hate and I will try to fix it for YOU.

I want everyone to like me, not hater me.

Please PM your opinions.

You will become an eXpert when it is not necessary to make these threads.


You can’t be a forum eXpert when you put things in the wrong section :wink: haha Jk goodluck in your quest danielson

Just slow down a bit and think about what you post. Is it relevant AND correct? there are many well respected people here who are not forum experts and may likely never be. That is just a title. Respect for what you post is the key item to acceptance - expert or not. Don’t “try too hard.”

Forum experts…

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Yeah, basically: “Think before you post.” Also, don’t post the 1st draft, take the time to go back and correct grammatical errors and such.

There is a “preview” button for a reason :wink:

Being recognized as a Forum Expert certainly is a great compliment. However, everyone of us, you included, make the forum what it is. We all bring different experiences, perspectives and knowledge and share them here, at YYE.

The trick is, to learn how to contribute and share that experience, perspective and knowledge in a repectful, meaningful manner. Forum Expert or not, everyone makes a contribution, good, bad or indifferent. The fact that you desire to make a positive contribution is encouraging, you just need to find a favorable way to do that.

Take Jhb’s advice and you should have few problems. If you have doubts about a post, just don’t. I often delete what I have written before hitting the post button. I’ve never regretted having decided not to post.

Just the fact that you made this thread…


I want everyone to like you, and I hate watching you get treated like you do.

Everyone is gonna have to change for this to work. You’re gonna have to listen to what they say, and they’re gonna have to be a little more courteous with their delivery. I lose respect for peole when people come at you the way they do.

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I feel like you should not have made this thread. But since you did, just do what everyone said. Check things before you post for any kinds of errors, including the truth behind it. If you want to help but don’t know the answer, a quick google search should help, plus yoyowiki is a great source :wink:

It’s threads like these that prevent you from becoming a forum expert. While your intentions may be good, threads like these are completely unnecessary.

Look, if you want to change, then change.

I never asked to be a ForumXpert. I never aspired to be a ForumXpert. I’m not sure I even deserve to be a ForumXpert. I certainly don’t feel worthy of the tittle. I was never a goal or objective. It just sort of happened. I guess some people feel I merit it. It can’t be because of my “mad yoyo skills”, because I ain’t got 'em! Even after 2 years, I still ain’t got 'em!

I enjoy helping others. ForumXpert title or not, I would still be helping people just the same. I like to help. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and then sharing that with others. I’m not afraid to fail as long as I’m prepared to learn from it.

The key to being a good forum member is to participate, be helpful, be polite and write as well as you can. Communication is critical. Don’t worry about accolades, or “thank yous” or any of that sort of stuff. Do these things because you want to. Don’t force it or fake it because people can tell. Plus, if you’re faking it, you’ll get tired of it quickly too.

Right now, I’m debating taking another break from the forum, mostly because I got too much negative stuff going on again. I find when my situation gets too bad, it’s best to isolate myself from outside stuff so as to avoid poisoning those outside places. Even so, when I was on break, I was getting PM’s from people, and my mail server would get notice. I’d then log-in long enough to get the message(if it lacked a subject), then quickly respond and then log back out. Even if I take a leave, I am not going to be gone. If even I’m on a longer break, people still have the capability to reach me via text or phone or direct email if they want to. If the time allows, now that I have unlimited text and talk, I’ll waste hours on the phone with people if the time allows for me to do so. However, I usually don’t.

I’ve been hear nearly 2 years. I don’t see me taking a permanent leave. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but I feel it’s unlikely.

you took that to far :wink: your one of the most resourceful people on the forum

To those who said this thread was pointless-

It wasn’t really a thread about saying I want to be a FourumeXpert.

The main subject was what Skyhighyo put in bold-

I don’t want arguments starting, I want to receive PM’s about what I said wrong.

I don’t want people who dislike me to say in public (Mullicabob), I’d rather them PM me what they don’t like so I can fix it.

I think it’s better if we all see what everyone wants you to fix, so we can personally monitor your progress and see if you change. :wink:

You just did what you didn’t want someone to do.
If someone calls you out publicly on the forums then PM them instead of continuing the argument. Responding will just start a chain reaction of agreements and disagreements.

I think the problem with this type of thread is the fact that you invite people to be very candid and what some say, isn’t very positive. Then you make another similar thread that gets the same result.

I’m going to lock this, as it is similar to a few other threads.

Please don’t create more threads asking people to share with you how they feel about you and your posts. I’m certain the result will be the same as in the past.

I’ll shoot you a pm and maybe we can create some opportunity for the change you are in search of.

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