Yep, being a forum eXpert REALLY has changed me.

Allow me to make an immature post please.

Yeah, its been great being a forum eXpert. Ever since I became one, I’ve been able to go on a power trip. I’ve been helping people to the best of my extent, correcting people when they were wrong, and being technical in my posts to help people understand better. Man, I’m just a horrible person! You guys better really hope you don’t get chosen, because it is one big burden. Being friendly and helpful on this forum is one bad thing, because obviously after being a forum eXpert, we get changed completely.

YoYos are serious business. Especially on this message board. If you can’t handle the fire, stay out of the kitchen, right? Because you’re definitely going to get burned by all us forum eXperts here! So just leave, cause we’re going to take over the forum! Haha!!!


Really, everyone who openly flame the eXperts with your reason being “they are forum eXperts” probably aren’t the most intelligent people. You may notice that we forum eXperts have NO authority at all. And really, insisting that having a position change us is NOT the smartest thing. A pretty dumb thing to say on your part, actually. Because ever since we’ve become eXperts, we’ve just been on a total power frenzy. Just such a dumb theory.


Although I’m not an eXpert, I know what you mean. People, they’re just trying to help. It’s a forum. Think about it, you’re not forced to take their advice. They’re just giving it because they’re just being the nice people that they are, they’re not trying to be the ALL POWERFUL REIGNING SUPREME GOD OF YOUR YO-YOING LIFE!

Wow, never thought of it that way :frowning: But why is it a bad thing to be friendly and helpful? :frowning:

That was sarcasm.

The fact that you have power among your peers is a leadership quailty. A good one which makes you expert worthy IMO.

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lol I don’t fully understand your post. Not sure where the sarcasm is :frowning:

The /sarcasm ends the sarcasm, if that helps.

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I know i know, but there are some sentences that i don’t understand. I guess i’m just gonna have to read it through again.

I don’t get it Samad.
Or i’m just too lazy to read what you wrote xD

People are associating how we are an eXpert to how we act.

For any one who is like Er? Whats goin’ on?

Oh I see.

It’s not even just that. There has been at least one other previous post as well and I’m sure other people have thought it.

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Thats pretty lame.

Darn. My post didn’t go through. Oh well in a nutshell, experts are just like us. They just have fancy titles because they earned it. It doesn’t mean that you are lesser than them. They just noticably contributed to the forum among many of you. They were just picked as a forum expert so people can learn what it means to be an active member and so that some of the moderating can be lifted off Andre.

Basically what he saying is, when Samad gets on your nerves its because he is Samad, not because he is a forum eXpert. :smiley:

Exactly! Wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha :smiley:

Oh the drama.

Do you guys ever use the Unrelated Discussion forum, this and that other post are nothing more then spam.

So many insecure people here. Relax.

Actually have a cookie. ;D

Yay cookie.
Just think about this “When life gives you lemons, don’t squirt it in your eye! Use it in… uhmm… yea! something useful!”