Is it just me or has a forum expert not been picked in a long time?

is it just me?

We’re on it. This person will be let known to the public soon.

Please try to refrain from double posting, especially when the second post has nothing to do with the topic.

Taken care of!

Also Johnny, You should have posted that here.

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ya :frowning:

I’m hoping mcrnja for Forum eXpert or mod…

I agree 100% with Samad

The person has been chosen. No need in trying to give your input. It’s not necessary. No one will listen to you. Why don’t you just go to another forum and stay there Mr. SAMAD! Who do you think you are buddy? Running around giving advice and stuff. Sheesh! You think you know so much. But guess what.

He actually does know quite a bit. lol

That was interesting.

Carry on.

lol, I like how I’m not even Acknowledged, I wanna get chewed out by Icthus! lol

cries and runs away
Seriously though… I’m gonna go take a nap. lol

I was going to but I thought if I went too far it would have gotten cheesy.

Lol! :smiley:

I vote for James.

Icths, chew me out now!

why is that you desperatly want to be chewed out??

I don’t I’m just joking around

i’m going with kristiawan or mrcnja

Well I just woke up from my nap. :slight_smile:

actually samad, as it turns out, this site is not here to documant your life. lol

I am about to work on my Spanish Homework. Page 299 Section 9, and 305 Section 15. It is about the conjugation of present tense verbs.

Tell us when you shower! lol