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When I found this website, I was ecstatic. I was new to yo-yoing and I was eager to learn about tricks and yo-yo products, and also to join a community of people who shared a common interest. So I watched videos, posted a few responses here and there, and joined a couple interesting conversations. What’s more, I read the forum rules and got even more excited. Proper grammar and spelling; respect for one another; professionalism. Awesome. Perhaps this is a place where discussion of (common) personal interest is the only concern.

Sadly, this place doesn’t feel so much like home anymore. Poor grammar, spelling that would make a 3rd grader sick, and attitude. I am very saddened to see this progression. I reach out to all of the members of the forum, not just the offenders. Let’s tighten our belts and straighten our ties. Take pride in what you write and how you sound. Be kind to one another, don’t discriminate. Share the wealth of knowledge, don’t show off. Help others without putting them down.

Come on people, let’s get this place back to the high standard that caught my attention.

I feel the same.

When I first joined, it was small and nice. It got bad again, but then Andre invented eXperts and everyone followed in niceness.

Now it seems that some people are forgetting the rules of the forum and not respecting Andre and other people. I have noticed a few people that have stepped up and used proper grammar and well-written answers. (GM user…)

Thanks, Evan. I hope we can get a few more people to support/clean up.

We’ve had too many “Whats wrong with the community” posts. I’m sick of seeing them.

So lets all just start fresh or something.

Also, some of the people here are not native english speakers and may not have perfect grammar. You must take this in account. I also agree with Samad.

I don’t care!!! I still love you guys!!! I like this place. Feels comfy… in a way. More of I’m used to it.

Also, the reason I posted that response is because I didn’t want to see a flame war erupt. Unfortunately, it didn’t help, as I am currently going through one in PM’s.


“Samad, write better posts?” No way!

Wait, what? :wink:

What was the PM about?

Well, I don’t want to tell the public because I want to respect the person since they kept it in PM’s.

Ya,I really try to use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation now.

Don’t forget spelling!

Thanks for your effort to make YYE a great place gm user. You are really setting a great example.

But you still slip some (then again most of us do so it’s okay, occassionally) but you’re getting better and overall everybody is. Yes not everybody is native to English, so that’s okay, but even those people do well, and overall everybody is doing well now. I think, like Evan said, the forum eXperts things is helping. It’s good incentive to type correctly.

Oh yeah,forgot spelling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey,nobody’s perfect(you would know if you listen to Hannah Montana,lol).

The reason I don’t use proper grammar is because I type fast. I also have a thing about grammar.


As much as I see the potential for this thread to slip into nastiness, I have to agree with the general sentiment…

When I first came here, it was because this place was fun, friendly, and clean. It just isn’t anymore. I’m sorry, there’s no other way to put it. I’ve ventured into other forum territory and have regretted it immensely. This place is like “home base” ya know? You can always come back here and things are friendly and sane. Not so much these days, and it’s affected my posting here. I’ll admit that. I tend to shy away when I can see it’s going to be “one of those days” around here.

I’ve given up on reporting threads. Sometimes it just seems like there’s too many to bother, and I’m always worried about how Andre takes that.

The “I’m quitting” posts are starting to get real old, too. People really need to ease up on others. Last I checked, the “eXpert Club” we’ve got going here was welcome to everyone, regardless of who their friends are or what their opinion might be.

Having debates and asking questions are great, but there’s a lot of “ugly” that goes into some people’s responses. Even if you don’t mean to sound nasty, you need to remember that there’s a huge difference in the way people interpret a RL conversation as opposed to your written words online. I’m often guilty of having people misinterpret what I’m saying on a forum, so I understand completely.

So, yeah, can we get back to the business? The good, fun, community-orientated business?

Yah I have been shy about typing things, one reason is that the same posts come up over and over. If you feel sensative about this statement sorry but use the search button. After it is posted three times in two weeks it gets old and I have to resist writing some thing nasty. Also I see the bickering behind the posts and it is getting old, this form has gotten big in the past few months and a lot of people have started posting, with all of the new people it has caused some tention and I hate to see that. This is still my first love and the place where i come to first ( the only reason I go any where else is for B/S/T) The second reason I am hesatant is because my spelling is bad. So if you can’t read my post sorry. Let keep the rules in mind and look out for the noob that comes to us looking for help.

Well I agree completely with you all about the grammar, spelling, and the politeness going down hill on YoYoExpert. Unfortunately I don’t have the best grammar and punctuation education. I’ve been doing everything I can to try to make it better though. But most of all I agree with DocRobot. But what i don’t agree on is telling people to use the search bar. In my opinion when someone asks you something on here, give it to them. That’s just me though. Later.

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