Forum thoughts

I agree.i joined YYE because the people were so nice to me like Samad,Kim-Lan , DocRobot etc. and it felt like home even though i dont know you guys that well.But as time flies i feel people offending each other, disagreeing etc.
so come on guys make YYE like before , the way it used to be!!!Also as some of you guys know i only stayed in California for 3 years so i might not have the best grammar and spelling but i tried my best

I don’t care that much about bad grammar. As long as it’s readable, I’ll read it. But what I do not like these days is that people type way too fast. It would be great if people took some time to write their posts and not use a really big amount of shortenings.


You should by the x-con. its better than the DM IMO.

You should buy the X-ConVict. It is better than the Dark Magic in my opinion.

When you are posting in a forum, you should take time to write full words. I find it annoying to read posts full of shortenings and leetspeak (that’s l33t or 1337 in leetspeak). And especially when talking about the X-ConVict. I think that just using “x-con” shows a lack of effort. The X-Con is not even the same yoyo as the X-ConVict, just really close.

And when it comes to profanity and “edgyness” I find that it is building up. I think that people should again think before they post and try to be friendly and profanity-free. I feel that I might have become a bit “edgy” at some times, and I apologize at the hardest for that. Sometimes a lot of posts just “grinds my gears”.

On to the search button. I do feel that more peopl should use this feature. This forum is posting too fast for me now, and a lot of it is unnecessary. I have nothing against helping others, but sometimes, it "grinds my gears. I am now briinging forward an example that I found in the tricks section a while back. I actually saw that you would find three threads with titles like gyro flops, gyro flop, giro flops or something in that area (I hope you get what it’s about). That is, however, the worst happening I could think of.

So ther is a lot of things that you, me and everyone could get better at, so let’s make some YoYoExpert magic happen.

Addment: When that is said, I do have a lot of fun here. And I do spend a lot of time here.