Death By Yo-yo?

[s]Yes Samad, I can control Myself, But every after then, They’re will be new users, then they don’t know everything here (Even old users). Then You or someone will pour all the Rules and regulations It’s okay. But If you reply like so.

The “Asker” will be disappointed. Huh? what thus he say?

Then Andre, Seems the forum is “Less Professional”, and useless threads? Bringing them up again, So If you want like so. Just look up for people have every knowledge. We’re not perfect right?, It’s to gay. Not all people knew it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Duh.

So… We can (I can) respect ourselves as well. But then again, They are “Perfect” Persons here. All things they know. Disappointing who are new even old in this forum. Samad has reasonable point?, So, We will make a day for praising and worship him?, Is he the “god” here? huh?. XD[/s]

This is even less professional then your previous arguing.
Take it up through PM if you want - we don’t need this on the public message board.

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This would have been a MUCH better thing to say in PMs, NOT making a new thread, which I call useless.

Hate me for this?
Go ahead. I don’t care.

Lets have fun!~ XD

This is thread 3… If your going to keep spamming you might as well fix grammer/spelling errors