My goal on YYE Forums.


You guys may have noticed me being silly a lot. And I’ve been talking about this to apetrunk too. Well, here is basically why:

I find it irritating how its extremely professional. Not to say it being professional is a bad thing, but it seems like everyone has a stick up their butt with the amount of seriousness they are expressing. Once again, it is not a bad thing, but it irks me.

I try to lighten the mood by posting funny things. I still try to maintain my seriousness when needed, but I don’t want to be thought of as a leader, or something. Look guys, I’m only 13 years old. All of those people that are my age trying to act like adults and know-it-alls are kidding themselves. I realize I don’t have any responsibility to this forum. I’m 13 years old! 11 year, 12 year, and all of us in this age range need to know our place.

I talk to gm user a lot. I hang out with him very much in most contests as well. We are in constant communication, and he is one of my best friends at least. But we are always expressing out opinions about certain things in PM’s. It intrigued me, because it seemed to show me how much we are afraid to voice our opinion. I am not, anymore. I will say what I need to (as long as it abides by the rules, of course) and I want people to know what I think.

“Forum eXpert.”
This title does NOT gain me anything. It was a title given to me for helping people. Do not think I am better then you for it. We are equal! Make fun of me, flame me, joke with me the exact same way as if I was another member.

Don’t think I am talking about this subject because I am feeling cocky thinking I will be a mod. I won’t, I can just tell. But, I feel this pertains some important things too.

People want me to be a mod, but I don’t want to be, because I know I will have to be “professional” at all times. That bothers me, because I don’t want to become that person. I try to be the person who lightens the mood, and reminds everyone that the forums are fun. “Fun”, is what yoyoing is all about. Unless I can still be that person even after being a mod, its not going to happen.

It is how I feel, and I want all of you to know.


Good Call Samad!


Very good post Samad. It’s very true. You definitely need to be a mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I completely agree… especially since it seems like most people who are constantly enforcing these rules at slightly inappropriate times are doing so just to become eXperts.


yea! u r rite! :smiley:

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Amazing Post!


Nice post!


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There’s a difference between mature and professional. I don’t care if people joke around, because that’s fun, and I try to joke around every once and awhile. But people acting like total jerks is something different. And I find those people to be on both sides of “the professionality scale”. You have the people enforcing the rules even though they do not have the power to do so. And then there’s spammers and people who really don’t want to post something necessary.

Great post though, couldn’t be more dead on. I have one question though…



If your my equal … why can’t i throw like you …**pouts …just joking!!!

I find keeping things light and funny is great long as we are not rude to each other. THat being said some people are just over sensitive. It takes a while to figure out whom you can joke with and whom you can not. Having a lil edge is more fun and actually makes me want to read more on the fourm as i try to figure out all you crazy people out.

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Light-hearted Samad was light-hearted.

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Hey. This is the internet. It’s serious business. >:(

With such sillinesses aside…

YoyoExpert is unique. I generally view it as two separate and distinct populations: Populations A, The population who is experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful (not always the best players, mind you) and the less experienced people (Population B) who are still new to all of this and need guidance (and there is NOTHING wrong with that, EVERYONE was like that.)

Now, Population A runs around helping Population B with cleaning bearings, choosing yoyos, learning tricks, developing style, and other such things. Population B then is thinking, ‘Wow, I wanna be a cool kid!’ And eventually, they grow and become experienced. Isn’t that great? I think so.

However, with all of this guidance, and since the rate of people becoming experienced seems to be slower than that of people joining the forum, Population A is in the constant mode of helping out other folk, which is natural. However, to some of them, it might seem more obligatory. Every post sometimes needs to be of such value.

A lot of people do this. Someone asks a question, the question is answered, someone else mentions something else, and a tangent develops. Then, people are like “Hey! Serious business. Back on topic!” First, unless it is your own thread, or you are a moderator, you don’t have the grounds to do this. The question has already been answered. Is it so bad, now, that another conversation has been raised? No. Would it be nice if it was in a separate thread? Yeah, sure, but it isn’t a HUGE deal.

That’s just an example of how Population A’s position in the community gives them a sort of “we should keep everyone else in line, we sort of have a position of authority.” While this is true from an educational standpoint, not necessarily in terms of conduct.

Bear in mind: yoyoing is fun. Not everything is serious business. Sure, Jimmy messed up his only yoyo. That’s a problem for him, I understand that. This is why I try to keep a balance. Alot of my posts are messing around, or have messing around in them. That’s good, I think. Some of them are purely information. “My … is responsive.” “Clean the bearing.” LOLZ that’s hilarious! Some things just aren’t of humorous nature, and that’s fine. You just need to keep balance.

I dunno, this is just how I see it.


Very insightful Samad. Like pheenix said, there’s a difference between being professional and being mature. You don’t have to get rid of your sense of humor, just have a firm hand when you need one.

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Yep, serious stuff here people.
Serious as politics!

But anyways, awesome Samad.

I too try to be kinda funny like you, I mean yeah, I am 17, but I am not an adult yet!
You guys see how I am in the chat room often, Hahaha (Apetrunk?) XD

One thing I find very awesome about this forum is how eager people are to help people.

I will see a post go up, and maybe even less than a minute later, the complete answer.

Its very awesome.



i think that this should be stickied
just so we can refer back to this when someone does get on our nerves by being a jerk ;D
(oh wait im not the jerk am i ???)

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You’re no jerk unless you’re jerking jerky beef jerky.

No need to sticky this though. Posting one extra time is an effort I am more than willing to do.


EDIT: I decided to take out the picture because it contained things that were inappropriate for this forum.






lol took me a while ;D