What happened?

Wow, it feels like I havent been here in forever. I used to be on YYE 24/7 so some of you might recognize my avatar and such, some of you may not. Anyway, it seems like this place is starting to become reckless. Is JM the only mod (he is a mod now right). If he is, I understand. But If not, someone needs to crack the whip a bit more because it drives me up the wall when I do come over here again and it seems that everyone just throws any kind of thread in the General section. Sorry, I do not mean to diss on YYE, This is where I learned…well…everything so im sorry if I offended anyone. Now on to the main reason I started this thread.

 What happened to forum experts? It seems to have stopped after JM was made a mod. Did I miss something? I thought that, that was the collest plan ever, Im very sad to see that it has stopped. 
 Also, What happened to the reviews Yin was supposed to do? I really wanted to hear that Miggy interview.

Anyway, it seems that this place changed some, while I moved to a different Nation.
So would someone fill me in?



Hey man. I feel like this is still the most active yo-yo board. There are other moderators and the posts do get moved to the proper place. They’ll start posting properly eventually!

After JM got made mod the Casey (Icthus) got made mod, Paolo (GMuser) got made eXpert, and a new eXpert is being named soon.

I move more topics a day than you could imagine. So does Andre. Jm? Well he’s on…umm…vacation. lol

I don’t post as much as I used to. Feels like the original people that were here left. I dunno, I don’t feel that same feeling as last year.

JM, Icthus, dryoyo, and Andre. JM, Icthus, and dryoyo are mods, while Andre is more thant hat so he has the priveleges of a mod + more.

He knows that Andre is creator of this site and such. BTW Andre’s an admin.

Yeah when I came back a while ago I felt the same way…I also feel like theres a TON of like 13- kids getting on here, and they think they know everything. Its really getting on my nerves…


I like the fact that people like Johnny Rocks!!! will ask legitimate questions. (most of the time)

It seems like more and more people get on with no respect for the rules. Mods have to break up a lot of fights.

I heard if a yoyo is more expensive it’s a better yoyo.

Do people think that I act like I know everything? :o
If I do…oops.

It’s mostly new people seeing a question asked by people who have been here for a while and then treating them like they know nothing or assuming that they need to break down their answers so much a todler can understand.

Because these are the people who never learn about the search button.

So do I.

So I’m barely even posting here because I don’t have much time to do so. Mostly because of exam galore and all that stuff. Also because the chat room (my favorite part of YYE) is usually a spamfest (rarely check in there anymore opposed to my 14hour record.

We’ve knocked the spam down quite a bit. All you have to do is screenshot and show me or one of the other mods. We’ll take care of it.

I got here right in the middle of the “old” YYE. It was really fun. It has lost that feeling, I agree with you on that. NOw it’s like the new age of YYE. I miss all the old members.

You could not have said that better.

To me YYE has always been and always will be the place for the younger crowd, and by younger crowd I mean the annoying 11 year olds who ask the same questions over and over again and spell like they’re in 1st grade, it gets really old really fast…