Everyone Needs to Relax...

Everyone who is frustrated with something on this yo-yo forum needs to take a step back from the computer, yo-yo a little, and just relax.

Let me make this clear - there is a difference between you personally following the rules and then you telling other people to follow them too. Unless you are a moderator (which no one here is yet) you should not be the one to tell other people how to post.

Rules are there for guidance but on an online forum there is only so much you can do. We will correct things when needed but from here forward if you have a problem with how someone is posting please personal message or email us - Contact@YoYoExpert.com.

Now why is correct grammar written in the rules? We want these forums to remain a professional source of information for people to later come and read. If they are difficult to read in the long run people will become tired of staying on the forum. Of course the same goes for how tiring it gets to have people that complain or yell about about other people on the forum.

There is no need to make anyone feel unwelcome - many people are new and do not know the rules. Many people are very young too and just learning. Remember this.
We want correct grammar to make things easy for others - but we are not going to attack or yell at each other to get it. Be mature and use correct grammar if you have those skills. Be a model for others to follow - that is the idea.

Now go yo-yo a little bit and relax - this is supposed to be fun. :wink:


Here Here

Thank you for posting this.

I get sick of the grammar fights too :wink:

I hate grammar fights also.

Agreed. If you want to be a grammar nazi, then go to youtube, or facebook, or wherever else there are people to yell at. Just avoid it here.

This is a place to help and learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Andre, thank you very much for posting this - as it is a big help. You should’ve stickied this to prevent wars in the near future.

As I just became a member today, I did read that post, and I could say that that should never happen again, as if so, the main members that started it should be seized of posting for the rest of that day. :slight_smile:

I said I wasn’t posting, but I have to comment on this.

Thank you!

lol, same. Now that hes gone, I feel free in here!

Are you sure Samad? ROFLCOPTER xD

Ah, GM User, you’re back! Well, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Andre!

Just chill dude…

Well said, Andre :wink:

Thank you i hated those grammer fights

^what ZB said :slight_smile: thanks