Why is the user Bcmaddog being put down? He seems like a helpful guy, he has posted in almost every topic in mods and main.

I’d also like to mention that, when you guys (yoyo spirit and dingo54) post discouraging things, he will never get better, just worse.

So maybe you guys should approach it differently, of you keep posting the bad in his topics he just feels worse. Then makes a topic about something that cheers him up, only to get more discouragement.

Just my 2 Cents :).


I wasn’t exactly putting him down, I was saying it’s disrespectful to accuse another user of stealing a username. And you’ve only been here a day, jus’ saying. If I could, I would check your and Maddog’s IP, just for the heck of it.


He is very often disrespectful and/or says things he doesnt know for sure. He put people down for coming here just to bst, and also for using the name iYoYo. Of those 2 incidents, that was very immature. He often does things like this.


This isn’t helping your case Bcmaddog. I mean, “Icanhelp”…


Lol I want an ip check

EDit: ahahahahaha!!! This account was made 4 mins after bcmaddog was last on. Man if this is you, that is a complete fail,making a new account just to defend yourself.


I know him. I’m not him, he invited me to check out this forum. And since he seems to post on everything I have catches that he is getting negativity a lot. I was just wandering, because I can maybe help him to stop whatever it is. And now I know, I will tell him about this in IRL, he will listen to me being one if his best friends.


I wonder where he stole that name from. Lol, maybe I should make a self pity post on a new accout too :stuck_out_tongue:

jokes aside, Maddog is very immature and disrespectful. He contantly is playin moderator and all ways telle me what to throw, which I really dont see why I cant just throw YYJ and people leave me alone about it. Anyways I dont wanna do start another self pity post.


I doubt he even stole it from you lol. I mean, due to apple people just remake something and put an i in front of it for fun.


The “I” in my name is also a reffrence to apple, but i really dont care, its just like “Meh,… I got bigger forum drama to worry about”.


So what’s the 58? Your weight? :wink:


The reason no one can leave you alone about it is because you constantly bash other yoyo brands. Bcmaddog is immature, but don’t forget to check yourself as well. No one would be telling you anything on what you should throw if you weren’t so vocal about your opinions on how amazing YYJ is compared to other brands.


the last two digits to my Student ID,… lol if it was my wieght itd be iYoyo97



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Everyone knows I weight 23 pounds…

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hahaha suurrreee



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I don’t like where this thread is going.

But I do have to place myself in the category “People who dislike Maddog”

It’s not so much because he is annoying but because when he posts I can tell he is very young. He is immature and often throws himself pity parties.

Just a couple days ago Bcmaddog put up a thread claiming to leave the forum because of people disliking him and him not being able to “keep up in school” (Which is a terrible excuse btw seeing as I’m an AP student and Varsity Athlete and I can fit yoyoing in easily) 2 days later he came back.

Even a couple weeks before he made a thread that was also basically a pity party.

If you can’t act respectfully and take responsibility for your actions without crying over it the you should get off the forums.

This thread is pointless and just a magnet for negativity. Please delete.


Frankly, I think all of us have posted something immature on the forum, just some more than others. Also, sometimes when people accuse others of immaturity, they are often just as immature as the accused. Bottom line is we just have to give people grace and try to HELP them, not simply complain. These are just my thoughts.

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My dad would say, “KIDS, don’t make me come in there!”

Dad is so gifted with words.