That ______ moment on forums when

Sorry if it looks like i censored a word but that’s supposed to be a blank full-in space.

Ill start:

•That awesome moment on forums when you find that one yoyo on BST

•That creepy moment on forums when you check the board of YYE and someone is viewing your profile

Now it’s your turn :)! Post away :)!

That awesome moment when someone likes your post.

this isn’t Facebook

Never said it was. :slight_smile:

How can you “like” a post. You an only thank a post

That _________ moment on the forums when you see another one of these lame topics. Especially when they are in the WRONG section and then you realize that this is why good people are leaving.

::face palm::

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I’m sorry, I’m used to saying like for things on the internet. Thanks for correcting me.

no one likes a troll… this is the reason for people to leave. rude comments. and this post was moved here buddy…

that awkward moment when you read something wrong and post something that makes no sense.
that awesome moment when you get an amazing deal on an amazing yoyo.

You can still like a post though lol, if it’s the first post.

That stupid moment when the Bronies of YYE Thread was locked but the How High Can We Go thread is still alive and kicking.

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what section should this be in? If its so lame why are you posting in it?

It already got moved to unrelated.

and you still post in it :wink:

That awkward moment on the forum when your username is on the index

That proud moment when your name never leaves the index.

That moment of truth, when Cruton gets owned by Mr. T, foo.
and then
That random moment when a METAL GEAR!


That sad moment on forums when your thread is about to die only one day after it had been made

That awesome moment on forums when you wake up and see that there are a ton of new, unread, participated materials for you to view.

That awkward moment when you wake up, and realize yo forgot to wear any undergarments…and then proceed to sing Avenue Q’s song, “I’m not wearing any underwear today”.

that weird moment when you have no idea how you could forget to put on undergarments