How to write a legitimate thread!

All righty everyone, I know there have been many posts like this before but it’s obviosly not getting through to everyones thick skulls! ;D

If you want to write a good easy to read thread and you want people to answer a question you have then you must have at least okay grammer and okay spelling. I’m not asking you to look at a dictionary every time you have a question, but try to keep it legible. Text talk, we all use it sometimes, I do too, but not here. If you want your question answered or your thread looked at, then please dont use sentences like this:

My bering is ded, what is wring with It, HeLp PLZZZZZZZZZZ i dont no whats wrong wid it it do not work help plzzzz dont spin write.

Seriosly, jeez people. What the heck does Plzz even mean on a formal yoyo forum. Lets look at the problems with this post.

  1. Spelling errors

Next we look at punctuation.

How on earth do we know even remotely what you are trying to say? No pauses or anything.

Some of the other things consist of wrong words (no instead of know, write instead of right), bad capitalization (HeLp, PLZZZZZZZZ, i,). The mistakes are obvious.

If your like me with a slow-ish computer, I don’t like to click on the threads unless it looks interesting. If you place your mouse on the title of the threads, you can see the first few lines. If I see this big mess of terrible grammar and “text talk” then why should I take the time to click on the link, just to see a terribly written thread!?

I personally screw up sometimes and I forget a word or two when I write a thread, or I misspell something, but I use the cool modify button instead of making a post that tells that I screwed up. It is a handy button and you should use it too!

No, I am not a grammar wiz or a grammar Nazi, but I like when I can at least read the question. I also like it if I can learn something new when I look around the forums, as well as help someone out to the best of my ability. But if I can’t read it, why even bother trying to decipher it?

For all of you writing bad threads, go ahead, just keep on doing it. But know that I will not help you out and I know for a fact a lot of other people will ignore you period.

I know that yo-yoing is a huge thing all around the world and English is not the main language every where, but at least make a good effort to write your post as clearly as possible.

I hope that everyone will read this and hopefully take heed of it.

Thanks for the time

Cap’n McGiggles (raymondini) :wink:


As long as things are understandable I’m okay. Punctuation is key, but if someone doesn’t start their sentences with a capital letter I’m fine.

The most annoying thing is misleading titles though. Putting a title on a thread shouldn’t be as hard as it looks. When I see a thread with lots of caps and exclamation marks, I just simply ignore it.

Good post, I’m still doubting if it’s needed and people will start using grammar though.

Addment: What really gets me is when people write grammer. It’s a pet peeve.

JonasK is right. As long as its understandable it’s all good. AZ lOnG az u dnt tayp layk diz. It’s really annoying.

And much harder.

Yeah, you don’t have to have a perfectly written thread, but as said, there is a line that you should try to stay behind.

Really good post!

Well said good sir, keep the good ideas coming.

Andre even gave you a thank you!

Dude, nice thread!

This deserves a sticky.

Maybe this thread didnt get through to everyone, I hate to necro an old thread, but this is ridiculous! I still see people using text talk. At least try to spell things right and please don’t use “ur” or “plz”. If you need the help, write correctly. If you dont take the time to at least write leagably, why should we take the time to help you? Im not trying to be mean, but, please, if you want people to read your writing, at least make it worth their while.

Honestly the texting is taking over our lives. I mean everywhere you go people are texting here and there and even texting while do other things such as driving, walking, or even reading. It’s gotten to a point where people are obsessed probably as much as facebook sigh.

Sure I use some internet slang here and there, but I don’t use it often. I don’t even text or know how to text on a cell phone or whatever :P. As for facebook I always hated it. It takes over your life and your just so concerned to see what people are doing, and what people are up to, and what messages you got. It is really too much.

So I will leave you with 1 internet slang word…R3dRuM >:D.

Acually, inproppe speling and internet slag is’nt awod hear.

I rarely use PLZ, HLP or dumb repeated exclamation marks. Even when texting.

But seriously, I think we need more mods to enforce these rules (delete or edit) or at least set up a filter on the site for…

  • Crazy, Consecutive Exclamation Marks
  • PLZ

Can’t think of anymore that a php filter could easily catch right now though.