How to properly write a good thread

Hello everyone,

I notice a lot of people just throw in their thoughts in their threads, with no organization or structure, and seriously, a well organized thread is: more appealing, easier to read, easier to understand, and tipically gives you more credibility and respect

And that’s what I would want to talk about right now.
Please don’t think about this thread as me trying to look better and superior, because I’m not trying to.

I’m actually concerned about the speed and easiness we get when we read posts and threads.

I will be talking Generally, that means not specifically for any type of threads.
Anyways, let’s begin:

It’s actually very simple!! Honestly!

All you have to think about is:

1.- Grammar errors - pretty self-explanatory.
2.- Capitals!! - Very important. Starting new sentences with a Capital and not using them excessively.
3.- Structure.
4.- Use of “popular” expressions - not excessive.

That’s it. Easiest thing to do. You get used to it - it’s automatic!

Simple and easy.

Lastly, let’s analyze a simple sentence!

“hey everyone . can some1 tell me what is lubes for yoyos?? i wanna know im new to yoyos

What did you feel when you read this? Small difficulty, mostly while reading the CAPS. At least it doesn’t feel good to me.

Translation :

"Hey everyone!
Could someone please tell me what yoyo lubes are? I’m new to yoyoing, I still don’t know these things :smiley:

Thanks! :)"

That took me 2 seconds more to write and it was 5 seconds easier to read.

And no I am not a grammar nazi, neither I speak english as an official language!

It’s time to people to understand how simple this is.

Thanks to all of those who thought of this as a positive thread, and good luck.
Please tell me if I missed any point.




You’ve got good intentions, but the fact of the matter is, people who are going to type sloppily and all in one gigantic paragraph are going to do so anyway.

total agreed with xdohl i don no hoo wood tipe incorectlike lika dis

Ha sorry. That takes way too long to type like that. Hint hint

I agreed with Xdohl, but thanks for posting this anyways. It’ll probably affect at least one person, which is more than none. :wink:

Exactly - I’m doing this for everyone who is smart enough to understand it’s time for a change.

At least I influenced 1 person, that’s a start for humanity :smiley:

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Good thread. I am not too bad on the punctuation and other things, but I could use some help on capitals. (I’m getting better)

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Haha, sorry. Had to. But yes. Your intentions are good, and I think it’s a wonderful idea, but if someone messes up with spelling and they’re used to a certain way of speaking, we shouldn’t make a huge deal of it. I think it’s incredible that your grammar is so proper, even though english isn’t your first language.

y0U D0N7’5 d0 17’5 r1Gh7, y0u ph417 n0087375.

I think vocab is very impt too ;D

well i dont think caps are that important for posts because if you have a period and a double space, you will know when the next sentence has started.

the most important thing is the structure of the posts. an unorganized post is no good to anyone.


C4p5 R 4 n00b5. dey d0nt h3lp n0 1.

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Absolutely! I don’t care if someone messes up a word or two, just care about constant errors and mistakes. I’ve seen people from the States making mistakes, it is perfectly normal!

I make mistakes too :smiley:

Anyways thanks to everyone who liked this thread, I’m glad I helped :smiley: