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Okay, so sometimes it’s hard to read some posts. So, I wanted to make a thread about grammar problems people have.

Okay, make sure you punctuate your sentences correctly, a simple sentence like:

“I’m going to eat, Grandma.” Can become a very scary sentence if you forget the comma!

“I’m going to eat Grandma.” Scary, right??

Also, a lot of people forget to put an ’ Between the letters of possessive words (I.E. The dog’s hat", the word “I’m”, and contractions.

Also, some people just ramble on about stuff without putting periods, commas, semi-colons, and colons in their sentences.

Please try to use proper grammar. By using proper grammar we can help other people learn how to use the English language properly.

Also, people from different countries need you to write English properly, otherwise, they will have a very difficult time reading posts here on this wonderful forum.

There are other issues in grammar, and I’m sure many people will post about them below.


no1 is gunna reed ths bro.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist lol.


You just did :smiley:




This is stupid everyone understands what I’m saying I hate people who are grammar sticklers and my grandma’s friends like to be mean about grammar so I don’t like to hang around them but I do like there cookies they taste good especially my grandma.

Lol…I see what you mean Shadowz.


Shadowz, I agree with you all of the way. Grammar is important, wherever you go. It always bothers me to see improper grammar.

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How would you know what your grandma tastes like? ???


I was emphasizing how some people leave out parts of words. Like grandma should have been my grandma’s


The thing that many people don’t understand is that being easy to communicate with (and thus using proper grammar) makes it more likely that people will respond favorably to you.

Whether it is a trade deal or a debate, you will come across as more genuine, more mature, more intelligent and in the end be more likely to get what you want.

Don’t use good grammar because others complain about bad grammar. Use good grammar because it’s a better means to your goals.


I agree with everything that has been shared here. I want to endorse your perspective with this caveat which in affect will blow the whole boat back out of the water.

I read various posts from particular individuals each day where it is apparent they are struggling each time they post something with proper punctuation, capitalization and correct sentence structure. Sometimes it may be because they are very young. Perhaps they find school is more difficult for them than it is for most. Perhaps there may be some type of disability in play that as participants on the forum we cannot ourselves be aware of. Maybe English is not their first language but they are doing their best. There are many, many forum members contributing from around the globe. I love that about the forums. How many among us are prepared to fluently post comments on a German forum.

My point is we don’t know about particular circumstances which might require a greater tolerance and understanding of each individual situation. If we approach this as if every poster has to meet some academic standard to avoid harassment the forums will very quickly become a hostile place where ridicule becomes common place. That just won’t work. We must welcome everyone in under our tent without intellectual evaluation if we are to participate harmoniously in conversation about yo-yoing and other things.


(Ironically, I think that the majority of non-native English speakers on this forum tend to use better spelling, grammar and pronunciation than the native English speakers.)

I agree with your sentiment and clearly we need to be accepting and considerate of those individuals for whom English is not one’s native language or for those who are young or have not had the privilege of a good education. My own comments in this thread are less about tolerance (I take it as given that we should always be tolerant) and more about encouraging the effort to write well.


I’ve noticed this as well

Again, we are in agreement. It’s a tightrope walk consistently encouraging all to make appropriate effort without stepping on toes of some by inadvertently insinuating illiteracy by calling attention to particular failures. The reason this is such a delicate issue for me is just recently the word “idiot” was used in attempting to “encourage” one individual to improve in this very area. After that matter was addressed and straightened out, the very next day another post arose calling attention to the very same posters grammatical shortcomings. Endeavors founded on good intentions can so quickly degenerate into maliciousness before the brakes can be applied. We daily converse with one another here to the point we begin to believe we are actual acquaintances when in fact we remain complete strangers, completely unaware of another’s life circumstance.

An appropriate remark of encouragement for one person can kick the feet right out from under the next. Therefore I hope we all will error on the side of caution as we attempt to address this issue.

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I have edited like every single post I’ve made because of poor grammar. It’s like the keyboard sucks all the English lessons I took in school…


I was not trying to single out anyone.

Yes, I find it interesting. Some people can’t afford the correct education, some don’t get it that well. We have to be tolerant. Also, by posting correct grammar we can teach them how to use proper grammar.


Of course, absolutely that was understood from the start. No one has disagreed one little bit with any comments made in your original post. You and I have chatted about this before. It just becomes very precarious to monitor and manage. Once you discuss anything with just vague specifics fingers get pointed by association. I realize you chose your initial words with great caution in order to avoid anyone being singled out. However, I know this as well, there are certain participants on the forums who may have read this thread so far and are already thinking; “They’re talking about me.” It is so easy to consider that and think; “Good, if they see themselves they may finally start to try harder.” The problem is they have already been doing their best and now feel wounded, defeated, inferior and ridiculed. Perhaps even that we would all be happier if they just went away and left the forums for the key players. At that point we will have become derelict in our primary purpose here.

Please try to understand, as I have already stated, I fully support your intent here. I do. However I also endeavor to stand up as an advocate for those who may already feel exposed and sidelined by the conversation thus far.

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I agree with everyone here- potsts leik dis reely fustrate meh!!111!11

But really, It’s SUPER annoying. I say if you can’t post properly, don’t post.


…and there it is


By people posting improper grammar, we can teach them how to use proper grammar.

This is what this thread is about.


my thoughts exactly… my android keyboard was made for little monkey fingers. Wait, was that a yoyo pun?

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It’s mostly a matter of just taking the time to take a second look over posts. I think most people would be able to use proper grammar if they simply made an effort to. Good post.